Elden Ring - Kenneth Haight Questline and Locations
If you ride in Elden Ring over the fields of Limgrave, you can encounter a named name Kenneth Haight asking you for help with reconquest of his fortress. A Stormveil knight commander has taken over control over it, and it is up to you to clean it. When they come back, Kenneth will be so impressed by their work so that he asks them if they want enters his service . It’s a serious question, and many players are not sure what the right decision is. You must know about Kenneth Haight in Elden Ring.

Where is Fort Haight?

Kenneth says his fort is for the south beyond the fog forest , which is not too far away. The fog forest is the huge forest area in the eastern half of Limgrave and is located directly opposite the road south of Kenneth’s position. Climb Torrent and drive all the way through the forest. Fort Haight is on the south side of the forest ** overlooking the sea on a hill. The main road, which leads through the fog forest, leads you directly. The exact location of the fort can be found in the map below.

As soon as you arrive, you will find that the place of knights is overrun exactly like Kenneth said. There are quite many of them outside and a particularly hard waiting on the top of the tower, so make sure that you unlock the Site of Grace on the right of the fortress before you try to recapture you back. The outside of the fortress has a large group of knights and a huge enemy like crazy pumpkin head So be careful.

Inside, enemies throw fire bombs that try to kill them with hidden explosive barrels, so make sure. There are also rats, so do not let yourself be surprised. At the top of the fortress is a lonely knight, which is much stronger than the others. He is the Storm veil knight commander has mentioned the Kenneth, so you have to do it down. It is a tough fight when they are underlyerated or underlevelt, but it’s manageable if you can record it with him one to 1. If the proof is clear, it’s time to return to Kenneth Haight to get your reward.

You should promise Kenneth in Elden Ring?

If you return to Kenneth Haight with the good news, he will give you the groundmark as a reward. This dagger falls up because it actually has a minimum intelligence requirement next to the usual attributes. If you continue talking to Kenneth and exploit all its dialogue options, he will ask you if you want to go to his service, hoping to become a knight one day. So, should you promise Kenneth your service?

If you Do not promise your service then nothing happened and you can go your way. If you decide to pledge your service to Kenneth, but then he will ask you Meet him in Fort Haight to a ceremony . You can quickly travel to the nearby place of grace to avoid the fog forest and get there faster.

Once you arrive, you will find that it will be inhabited by a group of half-men , at least on the ground floor. However, you can do it quickly, and as soon as you have done this, you will find Kenneth on top of the fortress where you fought against the strong knight. Talk to him and you will learn the truth. Kenneth can not really make you knight , at least not now, so he only used you to get back to his fortress. This is the end of the search too, at least as far as the Elden Ring community has found out, that’s it.

On the positive side you can get a reward with violence. If you kill Kenneth Haight, it leaves a falling Golden Seed you can use to improve your healing bottle in a place of grace. They require two of them to make upgrade, but they can also grab a Golden Seed at the Golden Tree in front of Fort Haight. There is a possibility that Kenneth Haight appears in a later quest, but the players of Elden Ring have not found yet. So if you want to be super safe, just leave the man in his fortress alone.

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