The operation of League of Legends is something particular. The infinite interactions that exist in the game come together with a code created more than ten years ago that not even all updates introduced so far have been able to correct completely. This situation results in problems when we combine different objects or champions. Something that the community has re-discovered by carrying out an experiment in which they have been able to demonstrate that The order of the factors does alter the product .

The interaction that steals damage to the champions

When we buy the ruined king’s sheet and the end of the ingenuity in the same game, the order in which we get the objects will modify the total damage that our character will inflict with the basic attacks. If we first buy the magic resistance item, Our damage by blow when making the blade of the ruined king will be lower we would have if we had done first with the Viego item. The difference is quite high and in an exchange in which we give four or five basic attacks we can subtract 50 health points less to our enemies.

This situation is due to the order in which objects perform the damage. The ruined king’s blade remains health to enemies based on his current life. In this way, if League of Legends makes the calculation before the end of the ingenuity is applied, the result will be more favorable. However, the formula in which the calculation of damage is carried out depends on when we buy each item . A system that does not end up being intuitive and that is especially problematic now that there are many characters that can take advantage of this combination.

Fortunately, There is a method to get maximum damage even if we have bought first the end of the ingenuity. It is a trick with which we can deceive the game and that consists of…

  1. Buy the ruined king leaf
  2. Sell the end of ingenuity
  3. Sell the ruined king leaf
  4. Press the undo button twice

Riot Games should fix this interaction that, without a doubt, is a of the most curious we have seen in League of Legends . It is true that it is quite situational and that barely modifies in a few units the life points that we will remove from enemies, but they can be key to defining a fight. At least we have a hand solution that we recommend using in all the games in which you are going to combine both items.