There will be someone who thinks that he wants to touch his blue hair while looking at the rescue of the rescue of the rescue in the actual movie. Special controllers for such people were released. Sonic and a special controller covered with the hair of a knuckle.

Microsoft (MS) has released a new prizes controller, commemorating two Super Sonic’s 2 comments. Borrowing the color of Sonic and Knuckles, the two heroes of the movie, is made of blue (Sonic Blue) and red (Knuckles Red), and it is characterized by the blossom of the hair that is reminiscent of them. According to the MS side description, it is characterized by applying a special coating to the hair and controller to remind you of the stiff texture of the hedgehog.

NEW Sonic Figures ANNOUNCED! + NEW Sonic Movie 2 Xbox Controllers & Console!

In addition, the Xbox series S for the prizes was also released. The Sonic and Neckles are drawn on the fist and the golden portal ring that symbolizes the movie is drawn on the fan. To get the appropriate prizes, you can retain the relevant posts of the Xbox official Twitter. For more information on this, see Official Twitter.

Meanwhile, Super Sonic 2 will be released on April 6 on April 6. Super Sonic 2 is a subsequent subsequent one-sized film that was released in February 20, 20, the game Sonic is a more hedge-based. On the second side, new figures and neckles appear on the Sonic and Dr. Robot Neck. Sonic, which is active in Heroes in San Francisco, will use the power of Chaos Emerald to create a knocking and will draw a Dr. Robotnn who returned to the Earth.