I went to the site where fresh game developers gathered. No, I’m just fresh. Their atmosphere was very hot, passion was burned, and affection and pleasure about game development was not enough.

On the 3rd, the Game Creation Club Union Presentation was held. It was a place to present 23 games produced by more than 150 college students in four clubs. Gamemakers, Bridge, and CAT & DOG and CIEN, Korea University and Chung-Ang University, participated in the development situation, and we shared feedback on each other’s development.

The presentation was held with the support of the Korea Game Industry Association. In the meantime, we gathered all the presentations of each club for the first time and proceeded in the form of a coalition presentation in one place. The Korea Game Industry Association has decided to support the challenge of ‘Youth Gamein’, a college student who is active as a passion for game production, and has decided to support and help.

Of course, direct money support is not prioritized to avoid harming the club meeting. Instead, we support developed books or paid assets, a game rating for clubs, lectures on policy descriptions, coverage of production results, or promotion of exhibitions.

Among the four clubs that participated in the presentation, two of the associations were supported by Gamemakers and Bridge. This is because it is a club where various major students from various universities gather together, not individual schools or departments. Korea University CAT & DOG and Chung-Ang University Cien are not subject to support, but they were specially held at this presentation.

Founded in 2014, BRIDGE is a coalition club where 45 students are currently working together to develop games and run towards the dream of game producers. The 30-day game based on suicide prevention is a work developed within Bridge. Another allied club, Gamemakers, was founded in 2017 and has 43 students. Gamemakers also has a variety of games, including group assignments simulators.

Since the students took on all parts such as society, presentation, and introduction, the event was held in a light and youthful atmosphere from presentation to demonstration and awards. For example, if you deliver your opinion after the demonstration, you will be given an ice Americano Gifticon as a prizes or a small beer cup with a middle lottery gift. Oh, even as the most expensive lottery item, mechanical keyboards have appeared, gaining all applause and cheers.

However, it was not light until the game was announced. All the works that participated, such as the game that had already been released in the store, the BIC 2022 exhibition, and the game that caught the plan from the launch, were so ‘real’ so that they prepared the demonstration version. The genre was also very diverse, including visual novels, mysteries, defense, puzzles, deck buildings, strategy simulation, shooting, rogue, and fear.

Not only. There was a puzzle that utilizes chess’s rules, or a game that supports tower-free fences using mahjong, a game that supports online multiplayer, a party game, and a dubbing game. There were a lot of games with a wonderful and unique idea that could come out because of college students and the quality that was never unfortunate even though it was a college student.

I have prepared this production presentation since the planning stage. After a few hours of online meetings, we showed successful events after a lot of trial and error and time investment. As a result, even though it was an event hosted by college students, there was no shortage of presentations.

As a result, we talked about this event with Yoo Seung-hoon of the united club Gamemakers, Bae Yoon-seo of Bridge, and Kim Dong-min of CAT & DOG, Korea University, and Kim Young-joon, a student at Chung-Ang University.

No one expected that the event would grow, Bae Yun-seo said that the presentation that he originally tried to proceed could be held so great thanks to the association’s support. And through the events that were drawn one by one, many students who had dreams of game development could gather to share their passion.

Yoo Seung-hoon said that the production presentation would be a sample. In the hope that many college students and clubs will hold these various events. I think it’s really proud if these events will continue to continue for the next 10 or 20 years.

The students said that all the activities themselves seemed to be motivated just by facing each other. Kim Dong-min said that when he played the game of others, he could see the direction and direction of the person. I’m proud to want to go toward dreams with these passionate people.

Kim Young-joon, the last organizer, also expressed his feelings that he was very happy to have more than 100 passionate people. I think everyone who creates a game of comprehensive arts is very attractive. Everything that I think of art can be incorporated into the game.

The event was sponsored by the industry, including NC, Pearl Abyss, Neowiz, KOG, Korea Game Industry Association, Game Water Management Committee, Korea Creative Content Agency, and Game Cultural Foundation. The enthusiasm for college students toward the future of Korean game development.

So I was curious on the one hand. What kind of developer students who have prepared such a wonderful event want to be? Yoo Seung-hoon wanted to be a wonderful MMORPG planner. One of my dreams is to give a lecture on GDC. When I come, I will mention the GameMakers activity now.

Bae Yun-seo said she wanted to rely on a person who can believe it, and she wants to be a person who can be such a person. And someday she planned to develop a person.

Finally, the students thanked the association’s support and carefully spoke of a wish. It is a wish for the ‘club room’ where allied club members can gather together to exchange ideas about the game. It is said that it was a pity in the development process because there was no space to gather offline, not a certain school.

On the other hand, Dr. Jang-ju Lee, the Institute of Irak Digital Culture Research, who attended the event, was able to see a lively and dynamic appearance. I said it seemed to be. In addition, if the age group is expanded, it will be much more helpful for fostering excellent personnel and developing ideas.