The 10th anniversary of LCK has the first step in 2012 and the fans on Kintex, which is the place,

DK vs. T1 [Full VOD]ㅣ2021 LCK Summer Split FINALS

The League of Legend Champions Korea (hereinafter referred to as’ LCK ‘) hosting the Korean Program of the League of Legend (LOL)’ E Sports, KINTEX) said it is held at the first exhibition hall.

Kintex is a deep place with LCK. The first tournament of the 2012 LCK, the finals of Spring, and MIG Frost and MIG Blaze confronted the confrontation, and the MIG Blaze took the invitation title. In 2013 and 2014, the Spring Finals are also held in Kintex and is a place with LCK’s early boxing.

Lee Jung-hoon LCK Secretary-General, “LCK has been growing through a lot of change over the past decade,” said, “LCK,” LCK, a new ten years, I decided to hold this final in Kintex, “he said,” he said, “he said.

The LCK finals are open to offline with on-site audiences. In 2019, LCK held at the University Hwajeong Gym, Korea University Hermosung Gymnasium was held in Roll Park LCK Arena, located in Jongno, 2020, as Corona 19 spreads, and the Spring Finals in the 2020, and 2021. In the 2021, the final finals were held offline in the CJ ENM Studio, but the audience did not see the field. Detailed guidance related to field viewing such as ticket purchases will be will be announced later.

The playoffs covering the two teams to enter the finals are located on the 23rd (Wednesday, Wednesday, “on the 23rd (Wednesday), The second round is held. Playoffs 1, 2 rounds and finals are all 5 ago, 3 wines.

On the 23rd, the 3rd place and the sixth place on the regular league, Regular League 1, 2nd place, T1 and Zen are directly on the 2nd round of playoff, and T1 can nominate the opponent of the first round victory team as the first place in the regular league. Zen plays with a team that T1 has not named. The two teams who won in the second round enter the long-awaited finals.

Meanwhile, LCK created a special guideline for the player or coaching staff of the team participating in the playoffs, as the number of corona 19 confirmed cases in the league member. According to this guideline, even if a render occurs among the playoff entry team players, it can be remotely participated in the isolation space that each team wants to play. However, if the participation of a confirmed player is difficult, the emergency callup is carried out according to the existing protocol.