On the night of the 29th, a large-scale pressure accident occurred in Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

First, the product or event with the halloween theme ended early. NC soft, which is serving Lineage W, said, We are designated as a national mourning period until 24:00 on November 5, so we decided to stop the Halloween activities that were in the process of commemorating the victims of Taejon accidents. The sale of Halloween products was completed early.

lost arc, which is serviced by Smile gate, ended the sale of Gothic packages early and deleted related banners and promotions in the game. Other large game companies such as Aka Games, Nixon, Crampon, and Net marble have also ended their Halloween events early or stopped selling products in their games.


The game event was also canceled. The Eternal Return, developed by Him Blue Neuron and serviced by Aka Games, was scheduled to hold ‘Cosplay Festival Season 4’ on the 30th, but delayed the event. It was an online event, but it seems to be because there were many cosplay related cosplay as it was in line with Halloween.

The memorial mood continued at the international e-sports’ event, where many korean pro gamers belong. 2022 The League of Legends World Championship had a time to express silence at the local event in the semifinals held on the 31st, and in the winner interview, ‘King gen’ Hwang Sung-hoon said, I convey a deep mourning heart.. On the same day, the on-site commentator commemorated the incident in the 2022 League Playoffs.

In addition, overseas game companies, which are serving games in Korea, are also discussing the exposure of Halloween events or discussing response. Riot Games Korea, which serves League of Legends, said that it is committed to minimizing content exposure in all games in service and all games in service.