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What is Deep Pockets gold backpack in Apex Legends?

Soon the 14th season of Apex Legends with a number of changes that will affect the meta, and one of the unique features is the new gold backpack Deep Pockets. The golden backpack currently has the ability of an angel-guardian, which allows players to revive teammates with additional shields and health. However, in the APEX Legends Hunted, it will be replaced by the deep pockets perk. That’s all the players need to know about the changes in the gold backpack in the next season.


How to use the gold backpack Deep Pockets in Apex Legends?

Deep pockets perk allows players to carry additional therapeutic objects with them. For example, players can carry up to three first-aid kits as well as shield batteries instead of two. It will also allow players to fold two Phoenix sets . The Guardian Angel perk is removed from the golden backpack and replaced by the golden knockdown-shchit. Self-abroad was also removed from the game on repeated requests of the community. Although the golden backpack will not be the same, it will be interesting to see how the teams will properly change their tactics in the 14th season. As always, players will have to rummage on the map to find a gold backpack. You will find them as ground production, in ordinary and advanced containers with supplies, as well as in drops with supplies.

Along with this, players will also see the new Legend Vantage. In the official gameplay trailer Vantage, all its abilities are represented, and fans are not tolerant of shooting from this legend over opponents from a long distance. Players will also see the ReForged Kings Canyon card with all the new POI and changes. Although there is no news about Nerfa and Buffah Legend, the developers reported a new maximum account level that will appear in the 14th season of APEX Legends. With all these changes, fans can expect to see a new

Additional APEX Legends guides see the article What is the maximum level in APEX Legends? In professional game guides.

LOL: The strange interaction between objects with which Riot skip a basic mathematics standard

The operation of League of Legends is something particular. The infinite interactions that exist in the game come together with a code created more than ten years ago that not even all updates introduced so far have been able to correct completely. This situation results in problems when we combine different objects or champions. Something that the community has re-discovered by carrying out an experiment in which they have been able to demonstrate that The order of the factors does alter the product .

The interaction that steals damage to the champions

When we buy the ruined king’s sheet and the end of the ingenuity in the same game, the order in which we get the objects will modify the total damage that our character will inflict with the basic attacks. If we first buy the magic resistance item, Our damage by blow when making the blade of the ruined king will be lower we would have if we had done first with the Viego item. The difference is quite high and in an exchange in which we give four or five basic attacks we can subtract 50 health points less to our enemies.

This situation is due to the order in which objects perform the damage. The ruined king’s blade remains health to enemies based on his current life. In this way, if League of Legends makes the calculation before the end of the ingenuity is applied, the result will be more favorable. However, the formula in which the calculation of damage is carried out depends on when we buy each item . A system that does not end up being intuitive and that is especially problematic now that there are many characters that can take advantage of this combination.

Fortunately, There is a method to get maximum damage even if we have bought first the end of the ingenuity. It is a trick with which we can deceive the game and that consists of…

  1. Buy the ruined king leaf
  2. Sell the end of ingenuity
  3. Sell the ruined king leaf
  4. Press the undo button twice

Riot Games should fix this interaction that, without a doubt, is a of the most curious we have seen in League of Legends . It is true that it is quite situational and that barely modifies in a few units the life points that we will remove from enemies, but they can be key to defining a fight. At least we have a hand solution that we recommend using in all the games in which you are going to combine both items.

Exactly how the hyper scape royal fight of Ubisoft compares-t

It seems that one more imperial sci-fi battle is on our doors, this moment from Ubisoft. The job is namedHyper Scapeand also should be launched on July 12, according to an initial news release from journalist Rod Breslau using Twitter and also added info readily available on the main game site.

What is received the tweet teaser isHyper scapethe Twitch integration similar to that found invermintide 2 _. It seems that people linking to view a streamer playing the video game will certainly be able to elect on the events at stake, actually affecting the video game. It is something special to this video game, and the closest point we haveApex Legendsis personalized entrance halls arranged by streamers for fun. And it is not really close.

_ Hyper Scapeis situated in an advanced online world, according to Breslau. The virtual component appears to be linked to the assimilation performance of Twitch, since the frame of the video game implies a mega-corp called Prisma Dimensions, which appears to be in cost of a virtual reality blood sporting activity called by Crown Thrill. Past the sci-fi sensation of these very first screenshots, there is no terrific thematic similarity between this new royal battle as well asapex Legends _.

However,Hyper Scapeappears to provide a city structure, as well as it will certainly be crucial for manyapex legendsgamers andCheckle of the titansstans that wished for a city card sincesommetreleased. It is prematurely to dream as big, yet it is possible thatHyper Scapeenables us to experience again the magnificence days of Angel City.

Jerk assimilation

We understand extremely little concerning this brand-new game, it is challenging to prevent theapex legendsparallels. Ubisoft has plainly established the title in secret, configuring it for a surprise discovery. Breslau states that the workshop arranged an aggressive marketing project with the assistance of Twitch, contrasting it to the Lances ofvalorantas well asApex Legends . These methods were released by Respawn in an incredibly efficient way duringapex Legendsand duplicated with the exact same outcomes when introducing this yearCall of Obligation: Warzone .

The most up to date key to bear in mind is the rapid descriptor that Breslau uses to describe the video game, and also pulsation activityHyper scapemain pitch pledges. One of theapex legendsThe qualities that specify is that it is a video game of extreme flexibility and choices in a split second. Ifhyper areais quickly and also pulsed in the method which It plays rather than in the method it is introduced, anticipate it to be a high ability ceiling game likeApex Legends _.

The similarities in betweenhyper scapeas well assMmetdo not appear to finish with the variation model.



There is actually sufficient in the summary that we need to infer thatHyper Scapewill certainly play in the same method asapex legends . We understand that it is a first-person shooting video game, which includes specific characteristics that are distinct to the genre as well as make the gameplay fairly different from that of the shooters in the third person likecreusetas well asrogue Business . We additionally recognize that this is a totally free AAA video game of a big studio, which indicates that it is designed for huge entrance halls, unlike the smaller experimental styles of video games likehunt: face-offand also well,creusetAgain.


Platforms and also Crossplay

Ifhyper roomis quick and also pulsed in the means in which It plays rather than in the means it is revealed, expect it to be a high ability ceiling game likeApex Legends _.

All the same, it shows up thatHyper Scapewill certainly be offered on PC as well as gaming consoles, similar toApex Legends _. The concern of whether the cross video game will certainly be offered seems to be a matter of time, instead of recognizing if the relevance of the cross video game is essential for the gamers.

What is revealed in the tweet teaser isHyper scapethe Twitch integration comparable to that found invermintide 2 _.

There is really sufficient in the summary that we need to presume thatHyper Scapewill play in the exact same method asapex legends . We recognize that it is a first-person capturing game, which comes with particular characteristics that are special to the style and also make the gameplay fairly different from that of the shooters in the 3rd person likecreusetandrogue Company . We likewise know that this is a totally free AAA game of a large workshop, which means that it is made for large lobbies, unlike the smaller sized speculative formats of video games likequest: face-offand also well,creusetAgain.

According to Breslau, Hyper Scape will certainly be introduced on PC on July 12 and a console launch will adhere to later in 2020. This might possibly indicate that the video game will be launched for brand-new generation gaming consoles, which are prepared for the holiday.

LOL: The 5 champions with the most useless passive skills of the game

Despite the constant updates of League of Legends, not all champions are happy with Riot. While the newest receive constant attention from the development team, others are defenestrated.

Beyond the meme with the much text of Bel’veth, the reality is that the champions with more than one five years of life, have much simpler passive skills than the current ones. As time passes, some of them even become obsolete. We introduce you to the five champions with the most useless passives of the LOL.


His ability’s ability was never very viable, but it is now tremendously situational. Shyvana needs a redesign, since he is not able to follow the rhythm of other champions. Assuming that he could, even so, his passive would depend on a monster that only appears in a few moments in the game and is extremely disputed.

Knowing all this, the benefits obtained are not worth it and do not grant significant bonuses. In short, your passive is completely situational and dragons are generally not a guaranteed objective. Not to mention that jungles already have objects and spells to inflict considerable damage to monsters.


At first glance, it may seem that your liability fits perfectly with your Q, but soon you realize that it is not true. The ability gives speed of movement when Singed runs near his enemies, but using it is not so useful.

First, to activate passive you have to get close, which makes sense since Singed is a melee character, but enemy champions can get away. Secondly, there are objects that increase the speed of movement more effectively and its ultimate makes it much better, so passive is expendable.


Heimerdinger is far from being a bad champion, but his passive ability does not help his game at all. It gives speed of movement when it is near allied turrets and their own turrets. Speed increase is not significant at all and Heimerdinger is a slow champion.

The repositioning would be a good justification for his ability, but when Heimer faces champions that have dashes or even a higher movement speed, passive becomes unusable.



Despite being an excellent support and a champion loved by many, Morgana has a somewhat strange passive ability. With the Nerfs, this passive basically does not generate a relevant healing, so much so that Morgana went from being a champion used in measure becoming an support, a role that she plays very well.

The fact that she changed her liabilities so that she did not cure with smaller subjects and monsters caused her passive to be even less viable. She seems interesting as Jungla, but the reality is that whenever she stands out, Riot Games is usually clear in this passive ability.


We know that Fizz is a great murderer and that he has a very powerful set of skills, but that does not apply to her passive. It allows the champion to ignore the collision with the units and receive a minimally reduced amount of damage.

The fact is that this passive does not help at all with its function, which is to approach, execute an opponent with your skills and leave alive if enemies try to punish you. It is a very situated skill so the moments in which it would help you would be very rare, since their q and and allow a much more strategic escape.

RNG repeats three MSI 2022 games for ping

Although some of the world’s best League of Legends players got together from all over the world, the discourse at this year’s League of Legends Mid-Seasonal Invitational was only one thing: ping. Since the beginning of the tournament, players have complained that the latency feels much higher than the defined value of 35 ping-a number that is supposed to compensate for the field with Royal Never Give Up that is due to strict covid 19 protocols in China from plays at home.

Despite initial assurances that the ping worked as intended, Riot Games has now admitted that the latency was higher than intended, which gives an unfair advantage. As a result, RNG is now forced to repeat all three games of the first round group phase.

“After a comprehensive technical assessment of the competition and training environments during the first three days of the MID-Season Invitational 2022, we found on the third day that there was a discrepancy between the latency registered in the game protocols for all games and the current experience at the event location Busan, ”says Alex Francois, Global Head of Competitive Operations.

Since the opponents of RNG had a higher ping in the group phase, Riot Games is now forcing the team to repeat them in the interest of competitive integrity until Sunday (May 15). It remains to be seen whether the team will complete Wildcats again with a 3-0 record against PSG Talon, Red Canids and Istanbul.

A message from Alex François, Global Head of Competitive Operations, Riot Gameshttps: //

IW vs RNG - Day 1 LoL MSI 2022 Group Stage | İstanbul Wildcats vs Royal Never Give Up full game

  • lol eSports (@lolesports) 13. May 2022

While the constant chatter of Ping has certainly directed the opening phase of MSI 2022, Riot Games’s subsequent apology and the attempts to make it good again that we hopefully will leave this incident behind us and look forward to a highly competitive competition.

The best Moba games

Looking for the best Mobas? Multiplayer RTS games like League of Legends are also known as MOBAS or “Multiplayer online combat arenars”. This explanation may not make you smarter about what a MOBA is actually, so to summarize it briefly: Mobas are 5V5 matches in which two teams ultimately try to destroy the base of their opponents and win a glorious victory.

The The best MOBA games all episodes of the same coarse template: Each player selects a character at the beginning of the game, and they start on stage one and are initially relatively weak. With the resources available on the map, it is your goal to gradually become more powerful than your enemies and finally overwhelm them.

Mobas can be quite complicated to manage as a new player as many of them have many complex mechanics – but that makes them particularly suitable for being some of the largest escorts in the world. Of course, there are many fun mobas that are accessible and easier to play. So if you are ready to choose a train, find our guide to the best Moba games here.

These are the best Moba games:

  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Beat
  • Pokémon Unite
  • League of Legends: Wild Rift

Dota 2

The original Dota defense of the Ancients – is a custom Warcraft III game from 2003 and one of the very first Mobas. The continuation of Valve, Dota 2, was released in 2013 and has since developed one of the largest multiplayer games on the PC.

Like most Mobas, Dota 2’s card is divided into three traces; The safe lane, the middle lane and the off-lane in two opposing territories: radiant and dire. It is not quite symmetrical, but the tracks are mirrored; The secure lane of Radiant meets the off-lane of Dire. There is a widespread “meta” in terms of the best types of characters to start in every trace. Two team fighters on the off-lane, a high-damage hero on the mid-lane and an object-dependent character on the safe lane with a support she protects.

Although it is probably the most difficult to learn Moba, one of the best things to Dota 2 is that it is completely free to play free, so you do not have to unlock any of the over 110 playable heroes individually – you can simply get in directly (although we too a guide The best Dota 2 heroes have to play in Dota 2 ranking to help them choose a little).

The Update Plan of Dota 2 is not very regular, but the balance of the game is so fine tuned that most heroes are viable in the right situation, even in the highest level of competition: the DOTA 2 International. Compared to other MOBAS, DOTA 2 attaches great importance to strategy and team play, rather than just implementing your skills well. This means that it inevitably pays off to study the game, and you can often find a way to come back from an unfavorable Matchup. There is also a game room full of players created custom games where Dota Auto Chess was born and the carattler genre brought to the masses.

Best MOBA Games 2021 [Click, Click, BOOM!]

League of Legends

League of Legends is by far the most popular MOBA with millions of regular players around the world and a blooming eSports scene. Although a lot of complexity and can be required to increase the tip of the LOL ranks, new players will determine thanks to an optimized tutorial and an intuitive user interface that they control the basics relatively quickly.

As with Dota 2, the map of LOL – known as Summoner’s Rift – divided into three tracks: top, center and down, each with its own recommended champion types. In contrast to DOTA, however, they will not be mirrored so that the same characters compete against each other at the beginning of the game. There is also a “Jungler” champion, which hangs in the area between the tracks and defeated monsters for their mighty buffs.

It may seem a bit intimidating first until they learn everything about the best League of Legends champions, but there is nothing more beautiful than landing a mighty skillshot on an enemy. Fights in League of Legends are particularly fast-lived and require a lot of mechanical skill – great if you enjoy a good headshot in a FPS game.

League of Legends is also free-to-play, but not every character is at the beginning and must be activated. If you want to unlock things for fun, the tons of glittering cosmetics from League are very popular with the players, and if you accidentally enter the traditions, the Runeterra Universe includes the celebrated cartoon Arcane, Autobattler Teamfight Tactics and Virtual K -Pop Supergroup K / Da.


If Moba games are theoretically appealing for them, but they are not a fan of the top-down camera in RTS style in Lol and Dota 2, we recommend that you try to try Smite, which is fully played in the third person. As you may be able to close out of the name, the list of playable characters of Smite from different gods and mythological figures consists of numerous different historical cultures and religions, each with their own series of divine skills.

Although they experience it from another perspective, the main map of Smite, conquest, which is largely similar from League of Legends; Three tracks and a jungle full of monsters granting different buffs. Some other game modes are offered, which take place on alternative versions of the card with less (or no) lanes, so much variety is offered.

Smite is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch and accessible to new players and relatively easy to handle. Compared to the larger Mobas Smite has no huge player base or competitive scene, but it’s the perfect first moba you can play to try out the genre with friends, especially if you are more accustomed to play games in a Perspective of the third Person.

It is also playable for free, although you have to unlock gods to play them; You start with a package of free characters and can play any gods from a temporary rotating pool. The rest requires you to buy it.

Pokémon Unite

The latest MOBA on our list – published in 2021 for Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS – Pokemon Unite has presented the genre of a whole new generation. As a more modern Moba, it has also made several innovations to update the MOBA design and make him more slimmer and easier to understand.

A standard Pokémon Unite Match takes only 10 minutes in which two opposing teams from five Pokémon fight for the highest score. Players catch wild Pokémon and then enter a “goal zone” to collect points for their team, and will always be more powerful over time when they catch Pokémon and defeat enemy players.

The standard card is a circular island, which is divided into two halves, with a path around the edge that connects the bases of both teams, and a central area in the middle. Although the entire “laning” business that can be found in other MOBAS has been abolished, there is an element of the strategy where you should spend your time, depending on the nature of the character you want to play; “Junglers” go to the center of the island to breed wild Pokémon and defeat Boss-Pokémon to strengthen the team.

Pokémon Unite is unique among the Mobas, as it hides any form of scoreboard during the game, which helps to do not worry about comparing the results of their teammates with their own, in good as well as poor. It also creates an official competition scene, including a juicy prize pool for the first Pokemon Unite Championship Series – look at our Pokemon Unite Ranking to get tips that help you to create it in the big leagues.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

No, you do not experience Dja-Vu – League of Legends: Wild Rift is a mobile Moba, which is strongly based on the original League of Legends game, but with a few crucial modifications. Wild Rift was published in 2020 and is – like Pokemon Unite – a comparatively modern Moba developed for the next generation of players.

The most important difference between the regular Lol and Wild Rift is that the card simplifies and adapted the pace of the game to streamline every game and significantly reduce the average playing time. In fact, it has been reduced to the essentials: the champions and the basic concept of the card remain exactly the same, but they move their thumbs over the joysticks on the screen instead of clinging hectically, and that removes a lot of mechanical entry barriers.

The result is a much looser game that can be imagined easier new MOBA converts – of course, if you want to addictive and want to use more time and energy, there is a PC version that you can converge comfortably – wise claw train,
Now is the time to go to your champion and go to the battlefield – maybe you could use a League of Legends beginner guide, an explanation of the best Pokemon unite defender or a refresh of DOTA 2-Spring 922 patch notes to you
Prepare for compilation.

The Faker of League of Legends celebrates the 1,000th game by taking Lck

If there was a League of Legends Profi, which was intended to complete 1,000 career games, then it is Lee, Faker ‘sang-hyereok. The T1 Midlan is the second in the history of the League, who has reached such a milestone only a few days, but unlike Kim, Deft ‘Hyuk-Kyu, Drxs ADC, Faker wanted to celebrate his with style – by making 400 boxes BBQ chicken gave away.

The viewers of today’s Lck game between T1 and KT Rolster – both fans and press – received a bucket of Korean chicken on arrival, which was obviously prepared by T1 and the man himself. The only one please? That those who take a box would pray for a victory.

And now, it looks like the tactics had paid off. With two of his Signature Picks – LeBlanc and Ahri – dominated faker and his team KT from the beginning, which led to a quick 2-0 victory. This now means that T1 undefeated the first half of the Lck-Round Robin and finished with a winning streak of nine games.

[LCK Bang's 1000 Kills] 'World best AD Carry' SKT T1 BANG's best kills
Despite the pressure to play his 1,000th match, Faker remains pretty unaffected. In an interview after playing with Invenglobal Faker, the milestone “surprise” him, but it’s just a reminder that he “so long” as a professional games.

Celebrate @ Schwindler’s 1000. Request compulsory game for Lck-Journalists and Tickers for today’s game a free chicken! #Lck

  • Invenglobal (@invenglobal) 18. February 2022

Although he believes that T1 has a lot to do for the rest of the Lck Spring Split, it is clear that Faker will not be slower in the foreseeable future. It seems that the 25-year-old is still firmly determined to make a name in the LCK and on the world stage – even if he does this with the help of roast chicken.

Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to evolve to EEVEE in all EEVEellutions

EEVE is a versatile Pokémon who can fill your group with extra type coverage, especially at the beginning of the game, and that is thanks to all its potential evolutions. If you ask yourself how to get a specific version of the Pokémon, or all of them, we have the information here. Here is How to evolve EEVEE in all the EEVEeLutions in Pokemon Legends Arceus .

How to evolve to EEVEE in all EEVEellutions in Pokemon Legends Arceus

First of all, if you have not yet trapped any EEVEE, you can follow our guide on where to find it here. The Pokémon currently has eight evolutions in which it can be transformed. Here is a list of all of them and their conditions of evolution:

  • Jolteon – Use a thunder stone
  • Vaporeon – Use a water stone
  • Flareon – Use a stone of fire
    Umbreon: It evolves manually to EEVEE at night when it has a lot of friendship.
  • Speke: Evolve manually to EEVEE during the day when it has a lot of friendship.
  • Glaceon – use an ice stone
  • Leafaeon – Use a leafy stone
  • Sylveon: Evolve manually to EEVEE when you know a fairy-type movement and have a great friendship.

How to get stones of evolution and increase friendship

To get Evolution Stones for your EEVEeLutions, visit Simona in Jubilife Village. She is the woman with a position in front of the training area, in the northwest corner of the town. You will need merit points to buy the stones along with the other items she sells.

EEVEE You can learn a fairy type movement, Baby-Doll Eyes, talking to ZISU in the TRUILIFE VILLAGE training area for a small fee. And to increase the level of friendship of the Pokémon, you will have to take it with you to the party while complete the battles.

Personally, I did not fight with my ELEVE once before transforming it into Sylveon, but I used it to get berries from the trees and, often, collect items. I managed to get a sylveon from the beginning before fighting the enraged Kleavor.

In addition, evolution works a little different in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Then, to manually evolve to EEVEE, simply go to your portfolio menu and press X when you see the Pokeball icon shining next to the name of it.

How to START with ALL Eeveelutions in Pokemon Legends Arceus
That’s all you need to know about How to evolve EEVEE in all EEVEeLutions in Pokemon Legends Arceus . Be sure to consult our wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and other useful game information if you are looking for more suggestions.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus licks immediately when retail copies are sold

Pokémon Legends Areas is only a few days away from the release, and if you look forward to seeing what it has to offer, you should be careful where you can dare on the internet. It seems that people were able to get retail copies of the game in the hands.

Therefore, in the coming days, everywhere will be flooded from Twitter to forums and Reddit, with leaks and spoilers for the game, although we imagine that they will not stay up long. However, there is still the possibility that you encounter a new Pokémon from which you did not know that it is in the game, or may even be implemented on gameplay changes that Game Freak is implemented in this new Open World version of the franchise has.

However, the leaks seem to be widespread on Twitter, so maybe you mute a set of keywords until the game is published on January 28 for Nintendo Switch.

This is a rare situation in which players could get the game in their hands before someone has made anyone in the world. No media pres chow have taken place for the game and there was no previously access available.

Despite some gameplay trailers, which describe in detail how Pokémon Legends Areas will play, the game still surrounds a great aura of mystery, which makes it one of the most interesting publications of the series for a while.

Looks like this Pokémon Legends Areas leaks are likely to be imminent immediately.


Now is a good time to set up dumb words if you want to avoid spoiler, etc.

  • Laura Kate Dale (@LaurakBuzz) 18. January 2022

However, if this represents a radical change for the series that these players are neither entertaining nor entertaining, these leaks could significantly steam the excitement before next week. Nintendo has to catch them all to keep the secrets secret until the release.

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