Chamber is Valorant’s most broken agent. This is nothing new, since we have spoken in these last weeks of him, especially after the Nerfed de Fade in patch 5.10. The Frenchman is a real life insurance and if you are very distro shooting, you will not have practically Counter in the games in which you play with him

These statistics, which we will break down next, will make Chamber hate more, if you don’t play the French agent. This is something that has been saying for quite some time, and with these statistics under the sleeve, they will have many things from the character to rethink their damage and nerve their damage, especially in this revolver.


Headhunter statistics compared to the Phantom and Vandal

The statistics speak for themselves. These comparisons, show Valorant in many ways, especially in the precision percentage being standing. That two of the main weapons of the game do not have a full efficacy so that the desired direction generates a huge frustration, and more as much in the face to end your enemy, they make it generate a certain frustration in the community

It is also true that other statistics must be taken in accounts, in which the rifles stand out, especially in the number of bullets per charger and in their cadence, in which they win by chamber’s revolver. In spite of this, that the headhunter has characteristics in which these two weapons stand out and that with a good AIM can opt in your favor an echo round, make Chamber practically indispensable in the compositions of the game, so they should nerve it As soon as possible to have a certain equal conditions in the shooter.