Equipment sales (adhered to by lifetime sales).

The reality that Microsoft has always had a tough time in Japan is a common knowledge as well as each and every single console marketed in the country of the rising sun, it seems to be worth a tiny praise in this difficult stand.

Now the Xbox Series X and also the Xbox Series S have actually gotten to a tiny turning point in Japan: 300,000 consoles offered. Obviously, this is still much from the competitors, but a small success for Microsoft as well as Xbox.

Famitsu has currently disclosed the hardware sales from August 15 to 21, 2022, with this little turning point being known.

  1. Switch Oled Model-31.275 (2.223,821).

  1. Switch-15.988 (18.598.486).
  2. Playstation 5-14.609 (1.607.405).

4. Switch Lite-11.133 (4.862.082).
5th Xbox Series S-4.984 (157.017 ).
6. Xbox Series x-4.836 (144.531 ).
7. PlayStation 5 Digital Edition-1.046 (258.831 ).
8. New 2DS LL (Consisting Of 2DS) -152 (1.188,420).
9. Playstation 4-13 (7,819,824).