[Kids News 24 Municipal Reporter] NC soft is a global market for Global Market ‘Lineage W’ through collaboration with the world’s intellectual property (IP).

On the 24th, NC soft (Representative Kim Taejon) revealed the ‘TJ’ Letter ‘image with narration of Kim Taejon CCO (the best window intelligence officer). The collaboration plan with super IP to enhance global elements through that image has also been announced.

First, Collaboration IP is a world-renowned Mercury beyond Japan. Jersey is a global IP, which recorded Global Cumulative issuance, with a global lumen issuance of Global Cumulative issuance. NC soft plans to provide a new experience, including naturally dissolving the world and story of work beyond the level of Berserk’s IP,

Batman! Very Very Angry!

We also said that the famous IP and collaboration plans in the future. Kim Taejon said CCO said, Berserk will begin to become a legendary global IP and collaboration.

Lineage W is a ‘Global One Artist’ game that can meet a variety of countries on a single server. NC soft introduced artificial intelligence (AI) translation technology so that users can easily communicate by country. Even if a user connects to a number of regions, the cloud network was established in many bases in the world so that it has not decreased network quality.

Based on the above technology, it is present in the current Lineage and a fierce country. The company is a policy to update the ‘World Battle’, and the ‘World Behavior’, which is the server invasion ▲ that plays the battle of blood, In 2022, we will expand its launch area by North America, Europe, and South America.

NC soft has shared Lineage W’s performance through the ‘Director Preview’ video on the 9th, and introduces future update plans. According to Lee Seong-gu, Lineage IP headquarters, Lineage W is a box office and is in a box office. The average annual sales for a week after launch and exceeded $1.2 billion in sales and exceeded 1,000 won in 9 days.

User indicators are also steadily increasing. On the day of the release, it started with 9th World, 108 servers, but the user is operating and has expanded the world, and is currently operating in 192 servers. The first day of the release is the most user, and after the indicator is getting more and more than the general games that fall.