San Soft (San Electronics Co., Ltd.) released the game title to be released in 2022 and 2023 on August 19. In addition to Ichiki Unit , which was unveiled the other day, Gimmick! and **

The announcement was made through the official San Soft Officer YouTube channel. The first thing that was shown was the Rogue Action Game Ichiki Unity. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam), and the delivery date is undecided.

This work was operated in arcade in 1985 and was ported to NES, etc., and it is a new work of the action shooting game Ikiki series, which was also described as Kusoge. The theme is the uprising of a peasant who has fallen into poverty, and this work is compatible with online cooperation play with up to 16 players. Avoid the barrage to defeat enemies, collect items, and aim for a Daikan residence.

In this work, a closed beta test for a limited number of people will be implemented soon. Participants are recruiting on Steam’s store page, so if you are interested, why not apply?

Next, the horizontal scroll action game Gimmick! Special Edition was announced. The compatible platform is PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch/PS4/Xbox One, which will be distributed in the winter of 2022.

Gimmick! Is a work released for NES in 1992, and this work is a transplant version. The player operates a stuffed animal-like creature Yumetaro, and makes full use of jump action and star launch. It breaks through the various devices prepared on the stage. The time attack mode will be added and the performance function will be handled.

This work will be exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show, which will be held on September 15. It is possible to try out at the city connection booth.

The last show was the action game Hetheleke. The compatible platform is PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch/PS4/Xbox One, which will be distributed in 2023.

This work is also a transplant of a title for NES released in 1991. Following the collapse of the world due to the war, the protagonist, Habe, fell into the tearing of space-time and adventures to return to the original world. A work with a metroidvania element now, and the players are searching for a different world to return to the original world while obtaining a variety of items.


In addition, it has been decided that the soundtrack of Gimmick! And Herbele will be released on analog records and cassette tape. The soundtrack of Gimmick! Will be released in November this year, and Hateke will be released in 2023. Regarding Herbeleke, it will be a set with the soundtrack of Rahworld that San Soft once also helped.

According to San Soft, there are still some titles that are not in the announcement stage. It seems that information will be sent regularly in the future.