Most players who take the qualifying games of League of Legends seriously make use of applications external to the video game to get advantages. It is a totally legitimate process and so far accepted by Riot Games, since it only serves to get information about the champions or our teammates. However, the developer seems to have changed his mind over the last months and will soon carry out an adjustment that has caused a great controversy among the community. It is to make the champion selection respect the anonymity .

A change that divides the League of Legends community

The Riot Games plan is as simple as useful, since it begins with a single change that consists in hiding the name of the players during the selection and blocking phase of champions. In doing so, We can no longer go to the usual services to consult whether our colleagues are playing their main position or come from a streak of alarming defeats. Something that League of Legends developers consider positive to help reduce abandonment during this first phase of the game and also reduce awkward situations such as those typical cases in which someone presses us to choose this or that champion.

With total probability, this measure will meet the expectations of Riot Games and there will be few who will celebrate a great reduction in waiting times to start a game. However, another equally numerous group of community members considers that the company is ending its last defense line . Playing with a partner out of position or with someone who cannot select the champion with which he disputes 99% of his games can be the first step to a defeat. In addition, it will be particularly unfair that did not depend on our talent in the crack, if not on luck.

Everything is said, the arguments of the community members who are against this change are less and less consistent. In the same way that Riot Games announced this adjustment for the next season 13, he told the players of a modification in the pairing system of the qualifying games to make them more symmetrical. Now in a greater number of cases the system manages to face the players in their secondary role with others who have also obtained their second favorite position and does the same with those who end up in automatic versatile. This wine accompanied by more changes to the ranked.

* A simple example : Now if you have finished in the jungle because of the automatic versatile it is much more likely that the enemy jungle is also in ‘Autofill’.

Of course, League of Legends pairing systems still need a lot of work. However, Riot Games has put the batteries. From the developer they assume that there are justified reasons to leave a game in champion selection and that is why this option will never be eliminated. However, while trying to trace a long-term plan , they have chosen to reduce the possibilities for players who are abusing the system trying to artificially increase their victory rate. Not surprisingly, many professional players have complained that this has devalued the prestigious video game system.


It is expected that the adjustments are ready for the beginning of the next season or in the weeks before the start of season 13. However, Riot Games has not committed to giving an exact date to the League of Legends players beyond of late 2022 . In this sense, we will have to be attentive to the notes of the first patches that arrive once the current campaign has finished in the middle of next November.