Minions: The origin of Gru shares exclusively with Meristation a clip in which we can see the charismatic characters make their own. The film, which plans its premiere in film rooms on July 1, will show the origins of one of the most successful animation franchises in recent years. You can watch the video in the head of this news.

Long before becoming a genius of evil, Gru wMeristation nothing more than a 12-year-old girl in full 70s trying to conquer the world from his bMeristationement from his house in any residential neighborhood. And he didn’t go too well, explains Universal in the official description. But when Gru crosses his way with Kevin, Stuart, Bob, and Otto (a new minion with apparatus in his teeth and desperate for feeling accepted), this unexpected family will join forces to build his first den, design his first weapons and carry out his first missions. The stakes are high.

Minions is surrounded by stars

The dubbing of the Spanish of Minions: the origin of Gru hMeristation exceptional personalities. The singer Mónica Naranjo lends her voice to Donna Disco, the leader of the Sanvajes six, a band of supervillains. They describe it Meristation a cold and impMeristationsive leader.


On her side she will return for the fourth time Florentino Fernández playing Gru. Now it will lead to the character through the roots of him years before the facts of the rest of the films. How did it become a villain? What events led him to form in the dark arts? These answers will be in the movie. The trio of stars is completed by the influencer Pablo G. Show, which will take the role of Otto, the new minion that is presented in this film.