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The main changes in the update “Tiger School” for Blade & Soul

The developers of MMORPG Blade & Soul shared fresh details about updating the Tiger School. The update, which will be released today, will add a certain amount of new content to the game and correct a number of technical errors.

With the release of the patch in the game, the number of Hon’s paths to 45, the sphere of the desire of heaven and the stone of the spirit-defender of the salty lake, and the list of tasks will be replenished. The plot missions of 12 acts are still available in the amount of six, but over time we will be told the continuation of the story. Also, with the installation of an update when creating a character of race lin, you can choose a class of a shadow master, and when underground passes at a high level of complexity, we will observe the replacement of the effect of instant death with a consumption of 90% of the character’s hitpinds.

Blade & Soul New Update
Of course, without balanced and technical lines in patches, it will also not do, read more details about changes here.

Lost Ark: Amazon leaves waiting fans in the rain

Since the European release, Gamers have to deal with server problems and waiting times in MMORPG Lost ARK. Amazon now expresses itself to the tense situation – but the statement will disappoint many players.

With the release in Europe and North America, the South Korean MMORPG Lost Ark could break some impressive records at Steam at the beginning of the year – but The popularity of the game is at the same time his fate , because the available servers are constantly overloaded and players must have long waiting times in Buy. Amazon now refers position: hope for a quick help, but unfortunately does not exist.

Lost Ark: Amazon surrenders from server problems

In the official Lost-Ark Forum, Trevzorftw, community manager of Amazon Game Studios, turned to the players of the MMORPG – but unfortunately he had no good news in the blog post in terms of overcrowded server by Europe Central to announce.

Currently it is simply not possible to increase the number of servers for Europe Central, to relieve the lobbies . The infrastructure of the game does not leave this. Even the much-waved way to transfer characters between servers is currently not available – only recently a patch was introduced in this direction in South Korea, where the MMORPG has been online since 2019. (Source: Lost Ark Forum)

Steam: MMORPG hit with problems

To relieve the server offer of the Europe Central region, Lost Ark introduced the Europe West region. Players who have not invested too much time in their character in Europe Central could therefore restart the West servers. There is currently no possibility to take existing characters in another region.

After the controversial release of the paid starter packs, this is now already the next big problem , with which the MMORPG has to fight.

Look at the Launch Trailer for MMORPG LOST ARK here:

Lost Ark - Amazon Keeps Us Waiting Due To New World

The MMORPG Lost Ark continues to fight with crowded servers. A new mail in the official forum can unfortunately not promise quick help. Instead, Amazon Games admits that the publisher is currently not much on the unsatisfactory situation.

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