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#Summer Game Fest : Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II sur PlayStation le 28 octobre

Following the 2019 adventure, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is planned to land in the PlayStation ecosystem on Friday October 28. The players on PS5 as well as on PS4 will thus be able to follow the legendary Task Force 141 squadron in a new campaign. Note that by pre-ordering your copy, you will be entitled to early access to the open beta.

Here are the in training such as published today:

A new international campaign of the Task Force 141. An immersive high-flying multiplayer mode. An improved experience for special operations mode. Without forgetting technical and gameplay innovations that will bring the PlayStation fans into a new era of the Call of Duty saga.

_Campagne and special operations

The Task Force 141 is faced with its worst threat to date, whose ramifications are still unknown.

In this direct suite of Modern Warfare (2019), familiar heroes are making a comeback with new allies to carry out operations in Europe, Asia and America.


_The campaign will offer an incredible experience on several levels: offshore seats comprising underwater combat phases, explosive assaults 10,000 m above enemy bastions and infiltration missions with high issues.

_ Employed squad members will be deployed by your side: the team leader, the captain John Price, the Agueri Sergeant Kyle Gaz Garrick, the lonely wolf in person, the muse of Simon Ghost fans Riley, Intrepid sergeant John Soap Mactavish, as well as a new recruit, Colonel Alejandro Vargas, an incorruptible level 1 operator belonging to the Mexican special forces.___

Apres the campaign, PlayStation players will be able to team up with their favorite duo to live an improved experience with special operations mode, co-op mode that will improve your teamwork skill and offer an unlimited number of hours of hours multiplayer game.

_ Multiplayer: innovations of the new generation _

_Ceux that will embark on the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II from the exit will be the first to test and to advance many basic weapons, to explore a variety of cards and modes, to meet a group D ‘Operators from around the world and much more.

With new ways of playing and many gameplay innovations, including a new gunsmith offering more personalizations, Modern Warfare will iiifrap a big blow as soon as it is released.

The players players who will embark on the adventure from the start will also be perfectly prepared for the various milestones of an incredible post-launch calendar, which will include a large amount of free post-launch content, including cards, modes and unavoidable special events.

_ Modern Warfare II: Technical improvements _

Modern Warfare II will be the most advanced opus in the history of Call of Duty, offering an immersive experience with graphics, sounds and ultra-realistic lighting. Discover more realistic environments thanks to advanced rendering and photogrammetry technology. On PlayStation 5, the game will offer an incredible visual fidelity, associated with 3D audio and the management of the functions of the DualSense wireless controller, helping to enrich your experience and immerse yourself in the heart of the action.

The game also has a new advanced AI system. In campaign and special operations modes, enemies and allies act in a tactical way in combat and take advantage of coverage techniques worthy of a level 1. operator 1._

_ Warzone in the new generation of Call of Duty _

Infinity Ward and Raven Software also work together to develop a brand new Warzone dynamic experience. The new Free Battle Royale Warzone also benefits from the same technology as that found in Modern Warfare II. The two titles use the Call of Duty engine introduced with Modern Warfare (2019) to offer the most fluid and most successful Call of Duty experience to date.

The new warzone will be released later in the year on PS5 and PS4.

More details about the DMZ

There is finally light at the end of the tunnel for Call of Duty fans, who are disappointed by Vanguard’s backdrop of the Second World War, since rumors of Modern Warfare 2 now indicate that we will not only receive an announcement of the publication date and some trailers soon, But we will do it in the coming months will also get an alpha building of the game.

Leaked DMZ Extraction Mode in MWII! | (My Hopes & Concerns)
Correspondingly Ralf Ventilinem known Call of Duty insider, the next teaser for Modern Warfare 2 will be released on June 2, with a complete unveiling and a trailer on June 8th. The unveiling should give us a comprehensive insight into the brand new engine. Information about its multiplayer modes and a presentation of the supposedly new mode called DMZ, which is to be inspired by Escape from Tarkov.

‘Theghostofhope’, another Call of Duty Leaker, has provided more details about what we can expect from the legendary DMZ mode to say Twitter that DMZ will include “a market place on which objects can be bought and traded. You can earn skins, blueprints and more from DMZ that can be used in multiplayer and finally in Warzone 2. ”

The film material of a single player level of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is expected to be shown to the audience of Summer Game on the day after the trailer was published on June 9th. From there it is only a stone’s throw until the players get the game on their fingers in August when speculation is speculated that the alpha goes live. The events should take place when the rumor information is correct, but the proximity of the Summer Game firmly gives the speculation credibility.

It seems that we don’t have to wait long for us to see and play more from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and thus DMZ. In addition to a new game in the main series, fans can also look forward to the publication date of Warzone 2, as the continuation of the Battle Royale starts with the same new and improved game engine as Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty Sandbox mode: Warzone confirmed

After a lot of discussion and online speculation about plans for unannounced projects, such as a _ «Call of Duty: War Zone 2» _ «Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 ‘Activision shared the first official details about your plans for the Future of Call of Duty. A shared publication on Friday, as well as several concise social publications, confirmed not only the plans for the next main game of Call of Duty, which in fact will be a sequel. To the duty: Modern War, but also confirmed a new _zona of war, “experience” comes. The word “sandbox” was also used, which reinforces the previous rumors about the arrival in a way of this type to the Battle Royale game.


In the ActivisionActivision site publication, it said that its main priority at this time was _zona of war. That gave rise to conversations about what will come in the immediate future, but in the background, the publisher mocked what will come after confirming the plans for Call of Duty 2022.

«The new game and a new zona of war experience are designed together from scratch,” said Activision.

Then, the new game and zona of war are designed to run by the hand, but that is all that was said about it in the publication. In a separate tweet thread that shares more information, Activision added that it has plans for “a massive BR evolution, with a completely new game space and a new Sandbox” in _zona of war. As mentioned both in the publication and the Tweet, this new _zona of war. Experience and the next main game of Call of Duty will be driven by a new engine.

We have seen this Sandbox mentioned above, although not officially. Insiders who claim to be aware of the next Call of Duty game and the new iteration of zona of war have spoken about a “DMZ” mode that was said to be more an open experience. Tom Henderson, a knower of Call of Duty whom many have sought information about the upcoming Call of Duty plans, said on Twitter following the news on Friday that this new Sandbox mode is in fact the DMZ to which reference has been referenced previously.

While it is likely to spend some more time before people can play this new Call of Duty experience, zona of war players have been reassured as to where the priorities are.

«Naturally, we have exciting plans in process throughout the franchise this year, but currently the team’s approach is strictly in the _zona of war, we are all playing today, addressing current frustrations and addressing several important requests from our community,” he said Activision in the publication.

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