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Multiversus is a free-to-play Platform-Fighter from WB Games. The game offers an iconic fighter selection from famous cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny, the Iron Giant or Superman. It is strongly reminiscent of the genre size Smash Bros., but impresses with unique gameplay elements that provide a fresh air.

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at the start in Multiversus: masters all tutorials

When you start the game for the first time, you will be thrown directly into the beginner tutorial . Here you learn the basic basics such as movement, attack and dodging. After you have completed the beginner tutorial, you unlock Wonder Woman and a number of other fighters with whom you can play now.

Before you plunge into the first PvP match, however, we strongly recommend that you complete the advanced tutorials . There are a total of 12 advanced tutorials that teach you various subtleties and useful tricks.

This not only improves your chances of survival, but also gets a good impression of how Multiversus differs from other platform fighter. In the advanced tutorials you learn air struggles, NBA 2K23 the movement of walls, what the recoil affiliate is all about and much more.

character classes are crucial

The fighters in Multiversus are divided into five different character classes: Bat , tank , supporter , assassine and magician . Each class promotes a different style of play: tanks are cumbersome giants that can absorb a lot of damage. Assassins are extremely nimble and fatal, but do not have tender qualities.

Family familiarize yourself with every class and think about the role you want to take on. In team matches in particular, it is important to play the strength and weakness of a class . As a magician, you should stay at a distance, for example, and pull the opponent with destructive remote attacks.

Tanks should in turn protect the supporters and assassins and attract the damage of the opponent. Multiversus puts strong focus on 2-against-2-matches . In most cases, the right interaction between you and your partner determines the victory and defeat of the round.

familiarize yourself with the Multiversus Glossar

The glossary is a lexicon of the most important terms in the game. Almost all gameplay elements and game mechanics are explained here. You can call the glossary at any time in the main menu by selecting the left menu bar and clicking on the book symbol. The glossary is divided into three categories: modifiers, games and business.

Under modifiers you will find information about status effects , passive skills and elements. Many special attacks prove the opponent with additional Mali, which are also called debuffs. In the Game category, basic terms are explained, such as Kombo, Reverse Influenz, armaments or brackets.

In the Economy category you will find explanations on rewards, the progress system and individual profile adjustments. Here you will also explain what experience, championship levels and gold. Browse the glossary in peace if you want to learn more about the game.

focus on a character

If you want to improve in a fighting game, you should first concentrate on mastering a character. Before your hard-earned gold gives you to unlock a new character, you should test all fighter in the laboratory .

In this special training mode you can try all characters, regardless of whether you have them or not. Familiarize yourself with the various skills and attacks and choose the character that also promises the most.


train your combos in the laboratory

The laboratory is the ideal training ground to train the attacks and combos of a fighter. In the laboratory you always have the opportunity to change the opponent’s difficulty or to completely transform it into a -unable to combat sandbag .

take a look at the action list

In the main menu you can call your collection in the left menu list. In the collection you can look at all playable characters and familiarize yourself with the corresponding movetets. First select a character and click on Action List at the bottom of the screen. In the action list you will find all information about the normal attacks, special attacks and passive skills of a character.

the best entry-level characters in multiversus

Wonder Woman

* roll: tank

Wonder Woman is a good all-rounder and enormously mobile as a tank. Her main weapon is the sword with which she can do lightning-fast attacks. The Lasso serves as a gap closeer and enables opponents to take you. The special attack Defense of the gods, cleaned allies of Debuffs and grants a sign.

The passive ability of Wonder Woman is arm rail bar . If Wonder Woman is blocked or hit a projectile with her sign while she has armor, she fills up a special display. This in turn strengthens your Amazon cry-an enormously strong energy explosion.


* Rolle: racket

TAZ is an extremely offensive racket that becomes stronger with every successful attack. The passive ability of taz is Face without floor: Some of his attacks occupy the opponent with the stackable status delicious. If you have placed enough delicious stacks on your opponent, it turns into a fried chicken and cannot attack for a short time.

If you add damage to a fried chicken, loses the chicken delicious chicken chicken parts. The fallen chicken parts heal you or your allies if you collect them. Taz can also cure his team member directly by losing it. Licking has a Cooldown.

Harley Quinn

* Rolle: Assassine

As an assassine, Harley Quinn has an enormous speed and high damage, but it can withstand less. Nevertheless, the attacks of Quinn are very easy to manage and easy to learn.

Harley Quinn’s passive ability is Time for Confetti . After an opponent was occupied with the status Confetti, you and your ally of the victim have to push back several times to blow it up.

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