-2022 World Championship STAR Walking ’, 9/23 (Fri) Public

-Star Walking ’music video, esports fans to capture various Easter eggs

-‘Ch obi’ Jung Typhoon appears in combination with the ‘Air’ champion

Riot Games today (23rd)’s representative PC MOB game (hereinafter referred to as LOL) The world’s strongest e-sports’ competition ‘2022 World Championship’ ‘STAR WALKIN’ ‘STAR WALKIN’ Released the video.

▲ Grammy Awards 2 times ▲ ‘Star Walkin’ composed by ‘Lil Nas X’, a singer who is receiving a response from global fans such as the Billboard Single Chart No. 1, is a song that adds a new feeling to the modern hip-hop atmosphere. It was produced to commemorate fans and professional players.

Riot Games Creative and e-Sports Global General Carrie Dunn said, We wanted to express the ‘only one’ personality, which is also the slogan of the competition through the 2022 World Championship theme song, and in this respect, Lil Nas X is the best musician I judged it.

She said ‘Star Walkin’ is a song that perfectly expresses the tired competition of professional players with a passion to get to the best.

STAR Walking’s music video features a new championship trophy created in collaboration with Tiffany Eco, including San Francisco, which has a 2022 World Championship final, and an e-sports fan wearing a uniform of ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk. There are many Easter eggs that will catch the eye of e-sports fans, including a player standing next to the player of ‘Core Loading’ CHO Yong-in.

In addition, ▲ ‘Ch obi’ Jung Typhoon (Benji, Korea) ▲ ‘Make’ Tend (EDGE, China) Players representing e-sports major areas appear as the main characters of this music video, and fight with the champion who transformed into a huge robot such as Air, Thresh, Rel, and Twisted Fate.

The eye-catching Ch obi is paired with Air. Lazier is one of Ch obi’s main champions and has won two sets with Ch obi in the 2022 LCK Summer Finals.

In the video, Ch obi is a fierce battle to avoid Twisted Fate’s’ Wild Card ‘skill with Air, who became a giant robot beyond the modifier of’ Woo ‘Lee’ STAR Walking’s music video appears as a weighty role that is close to the main character of the music video.

It is a point of view that Ch obi, who will compete in the 2022 World Championship, is in the expectation and response of the e-sports fans internationally beyond Korea.

2022 World Championship STAR WALKING ‘music video can be viewed through the official YouTube channel, and you can watch songs through all domestic and international music sites such as Melon, Genie, Bucks, and Spotify.