Nintendo announced a new buki that appears in the Nintendo Switch software Splatoon 3 on the distribution program Splatoon 3 Direct 2022.8.10 held on August 10.

The new buki revealed this time is Wiper. The drive wiper in this category flies straight ink with the centrifugal force when shaking buki.

In addition, by gaining power and shaking, it changes to Tame-slashing. At a long distance, the ability to fly ink and attack with a tame slash at a short distance are likely to be attractive.

And a new Special Weapon was also announced. The first Energy Stand introduced was set up a refrigerator in the activated location. This refrigerator contains four drinks that have the effect of increasing the speed of traveling for a certain period of time. This drink can be obtained not only by the person who installed it, but also for his teammates, so it seems to be a good strategy to fight back with this drink.

Here, too, the new special weapon hop sonar generates wave at regular intervals when pierced into the ground. This wave allows you to mark the opponent’s position or damage it. In addition, the wave can be used by jumping, so let’s remember it as a solution.

The new special weapon Shark Ride, which was introduced last in this announcement, rides a shark-type vehicle and accumulates power, explodes when it stops, causing heavy damage to the surroundings. If you jump into your pockets with the opponent’s surprise, you will be able to greatly affect the situation.

In addition, some existing special weapons such as multi-missile, jet pack, Amefurashi, Ultra Hanko, and Nice Dama will also appear.