Jujutsu Kaisen manga is making its way through the next important phase of the Culling Game, and the newest chapter has taken a negative turn since it left Maki Zenin in suspense mortal. The arc approach has now moved towards Maki and Norithi Kamo, inside the Sakurajima neighborhood. Who met a powerful rival.

The chapter 193 of Jujutsu Kaisen continues shortly after the form of Naoya becomes more powerful. His speed had increased with kamo and Maki struggling to find ways to counteract him. Here Naoya has access to your mind, Ego and cursed technique. Given this, both prepare for him to attack, when they are obviously not ready to stop him.


When finally colliding with Maki , it is revealed that he has now reached a speed of Mach 3. and at the end of the vignette, Maki is bloody and potentially beaten while Naoya celebrates his victory. Seeing it defeated is something complicated, but users of this tournament are the elite, so the loss of combat should not surprise fans.

For now the arc of Culling Game continues its course, fortunately, the protagonists have managed to survive so far inside the manga that more and more complicates its history.