Xbox Game Pass subscribers have free access to a game catalog that changes every month. For November, a very solid list awaits the players. Remember that this is just the first wave of games announced this month and there will probably be more ads around November 15.

Return to Monkey Island

Who has never heard of the classic monkey island ? A series of Point and Click adventure games, produced and developed by legendary studio Lucasarts , Monkey Island managed to attract young people and adults when his first title was released at 1990 .

Today, an unexpected sequence of the creator of the Ron Gilbert series, which continues the story of the legendary adventure games The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island , arrives at Game Pass, and the franchise has not lost its charm. Return to Monkey Island will be available at Game Pass on November 8 on the console, PC and Cloud.

Vampire Survivors

Diametrically opposite the puzzle and very cold adventure of Return to Monkey Island, Vampire Survivors is an intense and bold Shoot ‘in UP HOMELIKE developed and published by Luca Gal ante , also known as pinch .

Its simple and hyperemic formula was very successful on the PC when it was released in early access in September 2021, which also gave rise to a series of games of the same genre. Vampire Survivors is celeating its size for Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X Gaining a place on this month’s Game Pass list from November 10th.

And that’s not all

The Legend of Finding (console, pc, cloud)- November 1st
The Walking Dead: a New Frontier (PC)- November 1
The Walking Dead: Machine (PC)- November 1
Ghost Song (console, pc, cloud)- November 3
Football Manager 2023 (console, pc, cloud)- November 8

sentiment (console, pc, cloud)- November 15
Somerville (console, pc)- November 15
ENGRAVE G.O.R.E (console, pc, cloud)- November 22

Games that leave the catalog in November

Football Manager 2022- November 8
Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition -8 November
Art of Rally -15 November
FAE TACTICS -15 November
Next Space Rebel -15 November
One Step From Eden -15 November
Supra land -15 November