At the weekend, Electronic Arts and the developers of Bioware celebrated the so-called Dragon Age Day, with which the two studios commemorate the popular Dragon Age series.
In the course of the whole, Bioware offered a fresh animated trailer for the approaching branch Dragon Age: Dread wolf on Sunday night.
The brand-new video deals a little closer to the history of the Ellen Solar, which is understood to serve as a villain in the 4th part of the fantasy role-playing video game series.
If you have played the predecessor Dragon Age: Inquisition from 2014 and the Trespasser growth, you will currently recognize with the fate of Solar.
A fascinating summary of occasions is awaiting everybody else.

history likewise ideal for newcomers

At the end of September, those accountable for Bioware entered into the objectives they pursued and pointed out that the story of Dragon Age: Dread wolf will be targeted at long-term fans of the series and complete newcomers.
According to the senior writer Sylvia Feketekty responsible for the action of the dream adventure, the difficulty for the authors was to compose a story that chooses up old storylines and at the exact same time holds as a beginning point for new occasions.
Every character has its own motivations and goals that influence the course of history.
Nevertheless, this likewise uses to them.
The hero of Garden.
The champ of Kirk wall.
The Herald of Adapt.
Each of them composed their legacy in the annals of history.

Time is advancing and the age of these heroes can not last permanently.
As a friend people said: It’s time for a new hero, it said.
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Dragon Age: Dread wolf appears in all likelihood after the end of 2023 for the PC, PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S.
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