The three categories of heroes in Overwatch 2 (tank, support and damage) allow players to choose between a diverse cast. However, if you want a character that protects the team from enemy attacks, we have created this guide that classifies the best 2 Overwatch tanks to give it a better idea of the latest versions of these characters.

10. Doom fist

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Doom fist is one of the heroes of the Overwatch 2 tank that can inflict at least distance damage with his hand cannon. Unfortunately, this weapon shoots at a reasonably slow pace, and it can be a challenge to end an enemy. Despite this characteristic, he can still launch a powerful attack with his six mic slam and protect himself with the Power Block. Next, he can start Doom fist’s meteor Strike to select a designated area for his brutal blow.

9. Wrecking ball

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Wrecking Ball is a hero Overwatch 2 tank that stands out in mobility and has a high fire cadence. For example, his roll allows you to move quickly through the area, and his grappling claw can quickly tear down enemies. When there are many enemies nearby, players can launch the adaptable Wrecking Ball shield to win temporarily or use their pile driver to hit them against the ground. In addition, you can take things one step further by performing its mined field to attack the opposite team with a huge proximity mines field.

8. Reinhardt

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Reinhardt is one of the best defenders of Overwatch 2 that can protect the team wielding its neighborhood Field. As a result, opponents should approach the character at a short distance, which is a good time to use the Rocket Hammer of it. In addition to his weapon, you can maximize Reinhardt’s force with his burden to crush an enemy against the wall or start his Ultimate, EarthS hatter, to tear down any enemy in front of you.

7. Pork on the way

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Road hog is an aggressive character who can get rid of groups of enemies with his Scrap Gun, an effective weapon for short and medium range attacks. In addition, players can use their Chain Hook to drag an opponent to his position and possibly eliminate it in the process. In addition to these characteristics, Road hog can cure himself with Take Breather and hurt the enemies with his ultimate, Whole Hog.

That said, because Overwatch 2 has now adopted the 5V5 format, Road hog is no longer able to achieve all his potential. As the only team of the team, Road hog does not have the freedom to flank and needs to be constantly on the front line to protect his teammates. And on that front, he has exactly no great mitigation tool to absorb the damage while protecting the equipment.

6. Sigma

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Like Reinhardt, Sigma protects the group with its experimental barrier, where you can create additional shields absorbing projectiles when Kinetic Grasp is activated. Apart from their defensive strategies, their hypersphere can inflict immense damage to opponents, which will implied after a brief period of time. Once the players unlock the gravitational flow of Sigma, they can lift enemies in the air and hurt them crashing them against the ground.

5. Winston

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If you want to defend your enemies team, Winston’s barrier projector is extremely useful at intense moments. In addition, your Jump Pack can take you on the fastest map while damaging opponents inside your radio. But keep in mind that this ability can make you vulnerable to other nearby enemies, so it is better to use their Tesla cannons against them. Players will also have the opportunity to use Winston’s Ultimate, Primal Rage, to unleash a series of jump attacks and get a huge health amount.

4. Queen Junker

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Junker Queen, the latest incorporation into the Overwatch 2 team, is a balanced tank hero with rapid mobility and powerful attacks. This character can resist enemies on his account using his Scatter gun and Carnage that can damage close rivals. If you are in a desperate situation, you can launch the cry of command of it to receive a temporary health outbreak and gradually heal over time with the passive talents of it. Like Winston, Junker Queen can unlock ramp to load forward and prevent enemies from healing.

3. Oriya

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Oriya’s augmented fusion controller is one of the most powerful weapons of Overwatch 2 that can cause more damage when it is at a short distance. She also has many skills that can be excellent for defensive and offensive strategies. In particular, her fortify will give players temporary health and protect them from projectiles. When there are a lot of enemies near you, you can make Terra arise from Oriya to anchor them and damage everyone inside her radio.

two. Ts aria

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What makes Zara an exceptional tank of the game is her powerful weapon, the particle cannon. This device will produce a linear ray that can hurt the opponents and knock down hordes of enemies with their launcher. In addition, players can protect themselves and their team by activating particle and project barriers. Finally, you can perform your gravity arises to attract enemies to the seriously, where you can use the particle cannon to eliminate them.

1. DVA

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Fans’ favorite D. demonstrates her value in Overwatch 2 as one of the best tanks of the game. The fusion Cannon of her has a quick shot speed, while her micro missiles throw explosive rockets that can seriously damage enemies. As for her defensive tactics, she can block projectiles with Defense Matrix ability and use her boosters to get out of difficult situations or throw rivals out of the way.

Those who lose their Much suit in the battle will have the opportunity to recover the strength of it once they are expelled from the device. Even if the character is in a vulnerable state without the suit, players can still use this time to defeat the enemies and eventually call the much of her after a while spent. When everything else fails, you can start its self-destruction, a definitive attack that can kill groups of opponents.

That is done by our rank of the best tanks in 2 Overwatch. While here, you can see more content about the game by consulting our guide on the best healers and exploring any of the relevant links below.

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