The score in concern originated from the Korean Rating Board and was shared online this week. Like many ratings that are shared online in this manner, the description of the video game does not truly share anything that people didn’t already know. It’s a fighting video game, it’s meant for people ages 15 and up (according to the Korea Score Board’s requirements, at least) and it’s been categorized just recently.

Not long back, players discovered of the full launch roster for Street Fighter 6. Timeless costumes and other returning features will be blended with originates, too, with Cap com anticipated to share more previews of these sorts of things closer to the video game’s release, whenever that may be.

While all that’s stated isn’t brand-new, what’s not being stated and what’s rather being implied here is that we may be getting some release date news soon. Whenever games are rated like this, this is typically one of the things to happen later on in a video game’s development process whenever we will get a release date or the video game itself is about to come out. The former is most likely true in this case seeing how it’s got a 2023 release window but no date.


Street Fighter fans got some roundabout news on the upcoming Street Fighter 6 this week, news that may bode well for the release date of the game. Regardless of Cap com saying that the video game will not be out till 2023, it appears that Street Fighter 6 has already been rated by some local rankings boards. This might recommend that the game will be launching sooner rather than later, possibly at the start of 2023, though Cap com has not formally revealed a release date.

In regard to when we may get a release date statement, The Game Awards is naturally the next event that people can anticipate as the possible house for a release date confirmation for Street Fighter 6. It’s turning up quickly on December 8th, and one would anticipate that if Cap com had a statement to make in the near future, it’d take place there. Cap com has actually proven already that it’s great with holding its own display to make statements, so it could be that takes place again in the future, but The Video game Awards appear most likely if an announcement is coming quickly.