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Wemade, Web 3.0 game company Planetarium Labs strategic investment

[game Park Ye-jin reporter] Wemade announced on the 8th that it has made a strategic investment in the community-based web 3.0 game company Planetarium Labs.

Wemade (CEO Jang Hyun-guk) launched its own mainnet WeMix 3.0 testnet, invested in domestic and overseas blockchain companies and projects, and is striving to expand its own blockchain platform WeMix ecosystem.

Planetarium Labs (CEO Jae-seok Kim) provides game developers with lipplanet-based web 3.0 game ecosystem implementation toolkits to develop (serverless) games without server.

Each game can organize its own network and protocol so that all users in the game can manage the state of the game and operate the network as a node operator. Through this, users are co-operating and rewarding the game.

In the case of ‘Nine Chronicle’, an open source online role-playing game that runs on its own blockchain using lip planet, a player community has been created.

This year, Planetarium Labs plans to take advantage of its own publishing capabilities to work closely with major game developers in Asia-Pacific, and to introduce various community-based game development and publishing activities.

Kim Jae-seok, CEO of Planetarium Labs, said, The future of the game is going in the direction of sharing and cooperating with users and communities.

Item Bay, Mir M will be released for Google Gift Card.

[Item Bay Park Ye-jin reporter] Item Bay will hold a Mir M launch event until the 20th of next month. ‘Mir M: Vanguard & Baga Bond’ is Wemade’s Mobile large-scale multi-sized part-in-one role-playing game (MMORPG).

The first event is ‘payment by mission’. After clicking on the event on the event page, you can get two gold coins once a day when registering Mir M-related sales, and 50 or 100 gold coins can be obtained when the sale is completed.

The accumulated 50 gold coins, 100, and 150 can receive Google Gift Cards 1,000 won, 5,000 won, and 10,000 won, respectively, and Google Gift Card 500,000 won, 200,000 won We plan to pay additional prizes of 100,000 won.


The second event is a ‘discount coupon package’ for buyers, and members who visit the item bay event page will be issued a total of three coupons (2,3,5,000 won) that can receive discounts when trading Mir M Game item. Can.

In addition, Mir M is applied to the character activation promotion game. When trading specific game-related items and game money through character activation promotion, some of the purchases are earned as mileage. Target games include Mir M, Diablo Immortal, Dunpamo Mobile, Traha Infiniti, Undis Neptier, Lineage Series, Odin, and Blade & Soul 2.

An official of the Item Bay said, This summer, the heat of all generations is coming, and we have prepared an event that contains cool benefits such as discounts on transaction fees by game company, including Google Gift Card.

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