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5 similarities between scarlet and purple Pokemon and Zelda Breath of the Wild that make us faith

The evolution of Pokémon’s video games tends to approach slowly but safely to the already legendary: Breath of the Wild . After several more or less successful experiments such as Pokémon sword and shield, and then Pokémon Arceus, the Game Freak teams finally seem to offer us the wild _pokémon that many have been waiting for years.

In any case, if you wondered why Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 was postponed until next year, the progress of the scarlet and purple game should clarify things: throw two games on this scale one next to each other It would have been totally counterproductive for Nintendo; And Xenoblade Chronicles 3 probably became for this same reason.

So, to get heat to what is going to offer the new Pokémon game, we will compare5 points in common hallucinating ones that will have scarlet and purple with Zelda: Breath of the Wild *.

Similar exploration mechanics

It is quite easy to notice and we can easily imagine that Game Freak developers have taken advantage of Eiji Aonuma and his teams to design a pleasant open world exploration. The mount condenses all the actions of Link in Zelda Botw: his shape to climb any surface, the glider… and even the motorcycle added in the second DLC.

There is still an unknown, the resistance or resource consumed by the multifunction bicycle . With other very important systems to consider, such as capture and combat, perhaps developers eliminate any mechanics that restricts exploration.

Choose the order to complete the objectives

In scarlet and purple Pokémon, players must complete three main search threads, one of which includes victory in the 8 sands, a classic objective for the Pokémon saga. The great news is that it will be possible to make them in the order you want , as well as Botw’s great dungeons, which went beyond killing Ganon as soon as the tutorial ended.

Something excellent for freedom of action, but we hope that the challenge adapts in some way as flagships are collected. If it is too easy in the vast majority of cases, this is a component that could bother some players if it is wrong.


The great outstanding freedom

Scarlet and purple also emphasizes total freedom of action, with its first truly open world, to be explored in the way you want, in the order you want . That is what is really going to do much to this license created more than a quarter of a century ago.

We can see that some elements of the world are also similar to Link’s latest adventures, such as the classic towers established by Ubisoft games that allow to have an excellent overview of the surroundings . However, it is impossible to know at the moment if its summit will require an address to achieve it.

Technically is not great

As usual, we will begin remembering that the people of the Game Freak study are machines that launch role-playing games at a dizzying pace . Under these conditions, it is difficult to compare it with a Monster Hunter Rise or the recent Xenoblade 3 that benefited from a much more generous development time.

So the truth is that the game is technically limited (being educated), it is shown in the trailer. But on the other hand, a true visual identity emerges from the environments that can be seen in the trailer. This world looks lovely and makes you want to explore, while only a few months ago, certain arceus areas made you want to cry blood .

A turning point in their respective sagas

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, Game Freak has been playing with the massive open world for some time, leaving a lot of space for the family’s freedom of action . Pokémon sword and shield began to open the world and incorporated multiplayer incursions. As for Arceus, he freed himself from many rules anchored in the history of the series for decades to breathe a breath of fresh air that had been needed for some time.

So when scarlet and purple Pokémon see the light in November, no one will be surprised: it will simply be the sum of the advances of recent years, a form of realization and a marker for the coming generations.

Scarlet and Purple Pokemon expose the space that the 9th generation in Nintendo Switch needs

Scarlet and Purple Pokémon will certainly occupy 10.2 GB in Nintendo Change Beyond the straight, Nintendo has actually taken the time to upgrade the scarlet pokémon and purple pokémon chips on its website, which additionally adds the dimension of both games. According to the estimated data of the Fantastic N, the Ninth Generation Pokémon will certainly occupy 10.2 GB in Nintendo Switch over.

While this continues to be in the typical Nintendo standards in terms of video games for its crossbreed console, it ought to be kept in mind that Pokémon sword and also shield required 12.4 GB of room. As well as, if we seek to the various other side of the balance, pokémon tales: Arceus had a 6.1 GB **.

Pokémon’s new shipments have stood out for offering brand-new creatures and also very varied biomes, something that guarantees many hrs of fun as well as, at the same time, raises the weight of the files. Anyhow, the last Pokémon present has actually left us with a great deal of uniqueness of scarlet and purple Pokémon, so we have great reasons to maintain the illusion till its launch on November 18 .

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple has managed to elevate the public’s expectations much more many thanks to the last Pokémon existing, which has actually left us more information about the animals that we will certainly discover in the so-called Paldea region . Because, up until currently, these video games have actually fascinated the fans of the franchise with details regarding their initials, their famous and also some of the pocket beasts that will certainly show up with the ninth generation .

Pokemon hires Latin American locators for upcoming games

The Pokémon Company is hiring localization experts for Latin America. Recently, The Pokemon Company International published job offers for a “Latam -speaking location editor. Although the previous Pokémon games were located in Spanish, they were located according to the Spanish dialect that is spoken in Spain. The hiring follows the criticism of some Latin American Pokémon fans about the lack of a LATAM Spanish location. There are significant differences in how some phrases in Spanish are used in Spain compared to how they are used in some Latin American countries, and several phrases considered inappropriate in Latin American countries have made their way in Spanish translations of Pokémon games.

The use of separate translations for Spanish and Latin American Spanish speakers is not uncommon in video games. Local vernacular languages use certain words and phrases very differently, resulting in some significant deviations in the way words are interpreted. For example, the phrase “we care about a whistle” translates as “we care very little” in Spanish, but it is often used in parts of Latin America as equivalent to “we care about a damn.” Spanish translations of recent games such as Pokémon Rubí Omega and Zafiro Alfa and Pokemon X and Y both use phrases in Spanish that are considered inappropriate in parts of Latin America, especially for young children to whom Pokémon games are directed.

Although it is not indicated directly, the new locators are likely to be hired for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet,the next open world pokémon games. In particular, the new games will be set in a new region inspired by the Iberian Peninsula, the region where both Spain and Portugal are located. As a new Pokémon game, _Pokémon Scarlet and Violeta will feature new Pokémon species.

Gen 9 region name confirmed | starters, Pokemon league, Gym Badges, fully explained |

The Pokémon Company has not officially confirmed that it will launch a translation into Latin American Spanish of Pokémon scarlet and violet. Wait more news about the game in the coming weeks.

Pokemon Go: Today the occasion “April, April 2022” with Ditto – all surprises and content

When will the occasion take place? The event is currently today, on April 1, 2022, started at 00:00 local time. You have the entire day to use the unique attributes of the event. It will finish tonight at 23:59 regional time.

Today, on 01 April 2022, Inpokémon Go runs an April Fool’s Event, where Ditto is the focus. We from Meinmmo have actually seen us what that is for an event and show you all web content.

Now all contents are currently formally recognized. Under the name “April, April 2022: a DITTO calamity” everything will certainly reverse the Lilafarben Transform Pokémon. Which shinys as well as generates anticipate you during the event and also what shocks you can eagerly anticipate, we have summarized you below (via

What is this for an occasion? Today is the 01st April as well as certainly, Pokémon Go is also poked fun at the day. Therefore, Niantic will send you today with a special event in April. The initial indicators of the joke occasion already showed a find of the pokeminers.

All occasion surprises to the DITTO catastrophe

Even if the DITTO occasion prolongs only on April 1, you can eagerly anticipate one or the various other special attribute. The adhering to shocks holds “April, April 2022” for you:

  • The new unique research “April, April 2022”, in which Teacher Willow does not quite himself
  • All tasks as well as rewards of April unique research study have actually been summed up below
  • New field research study jobs in which your ditto ought to capture
  • Ditto is now hiding behind new wild Pokémon
  • Mini Occasion: “A Ditto-Tastic Shock”
  • New Ditto sticker labels to Pokéstops, gifts as well as the store

Mini Occasion: A Ditto-Tastic Surprise

Special Ditto April Fools’ 2022 Event in Pokemon GO

Tonight you can expect an unique mini-event, which certainly Ditto will play a main function. For a duration of 3 hours, the adhering to Pokémon will generate extra frequently:

Pokémon, which you can likewise experience in your amazing shape, we have noted with a star (*).

When begins a ditto-tactical shock? The mini-event work on 01 April 2022 from 17:00 to 20:00 local time. So you have adequate time to get you a ditto.

  • Rettan *
  • Nebulak *
  • NATU *
  • Go
  • Finneon
  • Lithomith *
  • Fluffling

Behind which Pokémon can you find Ditto?

On the event of today’s Ditto Calamity, the Convenience Pokémon can currently be located behind various other Wilden Pokémon. From today you can experience a shock after capturing the adhering to beast:

In the following couple of days, a lot is in Pokémon Go. We show you all events in April as well as which are particularly worthwhile.

Today, on 01 April 2022, Inpokémon Go runs an April Fool’s Occasion, where Ditto is the focus. For this factor, Niantic will send you today with a special event in April. Under the name “April, April 2022: a DITTO disaster” whatever will turn around the Lilafarben Transform Pokémon. The occasion is already today, on April 1, 2022, started at 00:00 local time. Just how do you locate today’s ditto occasion?

Understanding, behind which monsters Ditto camouflets is necessary to help you fix special research study and also area study jobs.

How do you find today’s ditto event? Or can you discover such an event rather monotonous as well as would certainly you choose to want various other Pokémon?

There is Ditto as Shiny? Yes, Ditto can likewise be captured in its amazing kind.

Pokemon Go: Is the Gritty and Glacial Special Research?

SandShrew Community Day is here in Pokemon Go and players can buy the Gritty and Glacial Ticket to get access to special research tasks and rewards. This ticket is similar to those available during former Pokemon Go Community Day events, and provides access to more activities, rewards and encounters for those who are willing to do extra work during the event period. Everyone can also participate without Ticket on the Sandshrew Community Day, but the Gritty and Glacial Ticket is a great way to meet new Pokémon, which were added to Alola’s season. You must know the following about the Gritty and Glacial Ticket in Pokemon Go.

Do you want to get the Girty and Glacial Ticket in Pokemon Go?

If you play during the SandShrew Community Day Pokemon Go, it’s a breeze to get the Gritty and Glacial Ticket. It costs $ 1 and releases the maximum potential of the event and allows you to earn exclusive rewards that will miss other players. However, it is only active for a few hours, so you should only get it if you spend the entire duration of the events to play Pokemon Go. There are still many bonuses that you get without the ticket, such. B. 25% egg removal for all eggs in an incubator and 3 hours duration of the incense and bait module, so they can have a great time without it.

Pokemon Go Gritty and Glacial Special research task and rewards

If you choose to buy the Gritty and Glacial Ticket, you will get access to a number of special research tasks and rewards. These focus on Alolan Sandshrew, mostly, as the Community Day Event is about it.

Gritty and Glacial Step 1 of 4

  • Turn on Pokémon 10 times: 15 pokeballs
  • Catch 15 sandpit mice: encounter with sandpit mice
  • Make 5 beautiful throws: 20 sandshrew sweets

Rewards for the step deadline: 2000 Star dust, incubator, Sandshrew encounter

Gritty and Glacial Step 2 of 4

  • Start 15 SandShrews: 30 SandShrew sweets
  • Transfer 10 Pokémon: Alolan Sandshrew Encounter
  • Develop 3 sandpit mice: 10 pinap berries

Rewards for the step termination: 1500 XP, incense, Alola-SandShrew encounter

Gritty and Glacial Step 3 of 4

  • Make 3 Great Curveball Surple: 50 SandShrew Sweets
  • Develop a sandshew: starch
  • Transfer 10 Pokémon: 15 large balls

Gritty And Glacial Research Pokemon Go | Sandshrew Community Day Research | Pokemon Go New Event
Rewards for the step termination: 2500 XP, rocket radar, 15 Ultra calves

Gritty and Glacial Step 4 of 4

  • Reward: 2 silver pinch berries
  • Reward: SandSlash encounter
  • Reward: 3500 XP

Rewards for the step termination: 3000 Star dust, 2 rare sweets, Alola-sandhob encounter

Pokémon Go is now available on mobile devices.

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Pokemon Go: Accept Raid Invitations

One of the funniest things you can do Pokémon Go is Raids with friends. There’s only one problem. How do I accept the RAID invitations of my friends? Better still, how do I send RAID invitations? They are in the right place. To accept and send RAID invitations in Pokemon Go.

How to accept RAID invitations in Pokemon Go

Trainers have the opportunity to invite up to 5 friends to a RAID fight . The invited coaches can not invite their own friends. Coaches can either personally participate in the RAID or connect with remote raid passports from afar.

RAID struggles in Pokemon Go recently updated. In February, there are not only some really cool RAIDs, but also trainers who joined RAID struggles are now increased from 5 places to 10 . Stay on the future updates in this regard.

To accept RAID invitations in Pokemon Go:

  1. If the app is closed, you will receive both a notification in the game as well as a push notification on your phone that tells you to be invited to a RAID struggle.
  2. Open the Pokémon menu and go to “RAIDS” in the “Nearby” section.
  3. Click the RAID combat notification to join the RAID.
  4. Tap on the combat button when you are ready to fight.

A few things to know: As soon as the RAID struggle has started, you can no longer join . If you have been booted from the RAID for any reason, you can join him again until the last minutes of RAIDS.

How to send RAID invitations in Pokemon Go

How to accept an invitation to a Raid Battle

To accept RAID invitations is beautiful and good, but maybe there are no RAID invitations and you’re ready to make your co-workers for a fight. That’s how it’s done:

  1. If a public or private RAID lobby enters.
  2. Tap the “Invite friends” button on the right side of the screen.
  3. Select the friends you want to accompany you with your RAID (up to 5), and then press the “Invite Friends” button. Remember that up to 10 friends can come from afar. After you invited your friends, wait a rest period before sending more invitations.
  4. Once you have sent your invitations, your friends can accept invitations by following the instructions above.

And that’s all you need to know about accepting and sending RAID invitations in Pokemon Go. Further information can be found in our Pokemon GO instructions.

Pokémon Go is now available on all mobile devices.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to evolve to EEVEE in all EEVEellutions

EEVE is a versatile Pokémon who can fill your group with extra type coverage, especially at the beginning of the game, and that is thanks to all its potential evolutions. If you ask yourself how to get a specific version of the Pokémon, or all of them, we have the information here. Here is How to evolve EEVEE in all the EEVEeLutions in Pokemon Legends Arceus .

How to evolve to EEVEE in all EEVEellutions in Pokemon Legends Arceus

First of all, if you have not yet trapped any EEVEE, you can follow our guide on where to find it here. The Pokémon currently has eight evolutions in which it can be transformed. Here is a list of all of them and their conditions of evolution:

  • Jolteon – Use a thunder stone
  • Vaporeon – Use a water stone
  • Flareon – Use a stone of fire
    Umbreon: It evolves manually to EEVEE at night when it has a lot of friendship.
  • Speke: Evolve manually to EEVEE during the day when it has a lot of friendship.
  • Glaceon – use an ice stone
  • Leafaeon – Use a leafy stone
  • Sylveon: Evolve manually to EEVEE when you know a fairy-type movement and have a great friendship.

How to get stones of evolution and increase friendship

To get Evolution Stones for your EEVEeLutions, visit Simona in Jubilife Village. She is the woman with a position in front of the training area, in the northwest corner of the town. You will need merit points to buy the stones along with the other items she sells.

EEVEE You can learn a fairy type movement, Baby-Doll Eyes, talking to ZISU in the TRUILIFE VILLAGE training area for a small fee. And to increase the level of friendship of the Pokémon, you will have to take it with you to the party while complete the battles.

Personally, I did not fight with my ELEVE once before transforming it into Sylveon, but I used it to get berries from the trees and, often, collect items. I managed to get a sylveon from the beginning before fighting the enraged Kleavor.

In addition, evolution works a little different in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Then, to manually evolve to EEVEE, simply go to your portfolio menu and press X when you see the Pokeball icon shining next to the name of it.

How to START with ALL Eeveelutions in Pokemon Legends Arceus
That’s all you need to know about How to evolve EEVEE in all EEVEeLutions in Pokemon Legends Arceus . Be sure to consult our wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and other useful game information if you are looking for more suggestions.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus licks immediately when retail copies are sold

Pokémon Legends Areas is only a few days away from the release, and if you look forward to seeing what it has to offer, you should be careful where you can dare on the internet. It seems that people were able to get retail copies of the game in the hands.

Therefore, in the coming days, everywhere will be flooded from Twitter to forums and Reddit, with leaks and spoilers for the game, although we imagine that they will not stay up long. However, there is still the possibility that you encounter a new Pokémon from which you did not know that it is in the game, or may even be implemented on gameplay changes that Game Freak is implemented in this new Open World version of the franchise has.

However, the leaks seem to be widespread on Twitter, so maybe you mute a set of keywords until the game is published on January 28 for Nintendo Switch.

This is a rare situation in which players could get the game in their hands before someone has made anyone in the world. No media pres chow have taken place for the game and there was no previously access available.

Despite some gameplay trailers, which describe in detail how Pokémon Legends Areas will play, the game still surrounds a great aura of mystery, which makes it one of the most interesting publications of the series for a while.

Looks like this Pokémon Legends Areas leaks are likely to be imminent immediately.


Now is a good time to set up dumb words if you want to avoid spoiler, etc.

  • Laura Kate Dale (@LaurakBuzz) 18. January 2022

However, if this represents a radical change for the series that these players are neither entertaining nor entertaining, these leaks could significantly steam the excitement before next week. Nintendo has to catch them all to keep the secrets secret until the release.

The update of Pok mon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl makes the game more pleasant

The fourth Pokémon brilliant diamond and Pokémon pearl glossy The update, update 1.1.3, is now available through Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED. Along with the update, Nintendo has published official notes of the patch, but the patch notes 1.1.3 do not reveal anything about the update. Instead of detailing what the update does, the patch notes simply point out that the update has solved some problems for a more enjoyable game.

Update 1.1.2 PATCHED Menu Glitch for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl, BUT...
Playing through the update and investigating failures, players have discovered some failures and problems that have been solved, which can explain why Nintendo did not publish the patch notes. In addition to not providing patch notes, Nintendo has not provided information about the size of the file, that is, how long it will take to download.

As always, we will keep you informed if something important is discovered about the update. Nintendo is famous for publishing vague and incomplete patch notes, but usually only does it when there is nothing extremely important in the update in question.

Pokémon bright diamond and glossy pearl are available via Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED. For more coverage on the torque of SWITCH exclusive and all things Pokémon, click here.

« Pokémon brilliant diamond and bright pearl are good remakes of an intrinsic defect Pokémon game«, read in a fragment of our official game reviews. » The games lean a little to recover the originals’ experience, which is a detriment and somehow denies the fantastic visual and quality of life improvements. Honestly, it feels that Pokemon bright diamond and bright pearl are a preventive olive branch for Pokémon fans ahead of Pokemon legends: aqueous, in the sense that it offers a decidedly retro experience as an alternative option to what will surely be the game of Pokémon that pushes the envelopes more since the franchise was launched 25 years ago. Pokémon Bright diamond and bright pearl are made for those who seek to celebrate the past of Pokémon experience. For the rest of us, it is a good distraction to stop until the release of the next Pokémon game in a couple of months «.

Where to find the strength of HM in Pok mon Bright diamond and Pok mon gleaming pearl

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, the long-awaited Gen Remakes IV, are finally here. As you play, you may be asked how to get certain hidden machines, or HM, to progress. These are special movements that are required to cross certain routes. One of these HM is strength. Here is Where to get HM Force in Bright Diamond Pokemon and Pokemon Slitting Pearl.

Where to find the strength of HM

You can get the HM of strength pretty early in the game. This HM allows you to move large and heavy rocks out of the way in the outside world. It is also a normal type movement that inflicts 80 base damage that can be taught to your Pokemon.

To find HM Force, you should start at Solace on Town and go south towards Route 209. On this route there is a structure called Lost Tower.

He enters this tower and advances to the top, fighting against wild-type coaches and Pokemon. At the top of the lost tower, two women will be waiting for you.

Talk to these women and they will give you the HM of strength.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Part 11 HM STRENGTH & LOST TOWER Gameplay Walkthrough

A difference between Bright Diamond Pokemon and Pokemon Glitter Pearl Compared with the original DS Games is that you do not need to teach your Pokemon HM to use these movements in the world. Instead, you will be saved in your POET application for later use.

This is the new way of using HM, which is much more convenient if you want your team to be diverse with the best sets of possible movements.

Thats all you need to know Where to get HM Force in Bright diamond Pokemon and pearl Pokemon gleaming. To get more tips and tricks, be sure to check our wiki guide for the game.

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