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Autobahn police Simulator 3: There will be right and order on motorways again

In a few weeks there will be right and order on the highways – at least if the players also do their job conscientiously. On June 23, 2022, the long -awaited simulator 3 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will be released.

The predecessor Autobahn police Simulator 2 is a complete success with several 100,000 copies sold. In the new title, developers rely on proven features of the series as well as on a mix of open world elements and varied missions for a diverse everyday life of motorway police officers.

Features from Autobahn police Simulator 3

  • Many emergency vehicles for the corresponding missions
  • Improved gameplay in accidents, traffic controls and more
  • New types of mission: there are remained vehicles, roadblocks and raids
  • Freely explored world with a varied road network

Autobahn Police Simulator 3 | Demo | GamePlay PC
* New skills, including sneaking and shooting
* Revised progression system including ranks, unlockable vehicle upgrades and skills

WhatsApp: Police warn against fiesem tricks – users should worry

The police warns of a new WhatsApp trick. Especially families are the focus of the scammers.

Marburg-Biedenkopf – “Hello Mom, my phone has broken. This is my new number, the old you can delete! “Would you recognize this WhatsApp message * as a fraud attempt? Such a message should allow users however in the future. Behind it could be a nasty fraud mesh.

WhatsApp Warning: Police set up important appeal to users

Scam alert: law enforcement warns that scammers may now come to your door to ask for money

As the police communicates Mittelhessen, this is a resourceful fraud in many cases. If one goes on this contact, therefore a little later news, in which the supposed offspring asks for money, so the police. At the latest, WhatsApp users should take action to check the identity of the writer, HNA.DE *.

Ebendies experienced a pensioner living in the middle of February. After saving the number of his alleged daughter, he received a request via WhatsApp * from her: on the old phone, her account data had been and she had to carry out a transfer. Whether he could take care of it? It was a whopping 2150 euros (more Digital News * at WhatsApp)

Fieser WhatsApp Trick: Police gives tips – wearing fraud attempts to display

In the case of the Lord of Biedenkopf, however, turned everything to the good. Because: The pensioner was a former police officer who looked through the WhatsApp Mesh *. Instead of a transfer, there was an ad from him, the police report.

For several months, this kind of fraud attempt was on the rise. Often the scammers turn their miesen tricks very subtle and sent. The Criminal Police Marburg-Biedenkopf asks for increased attention and to note the following tips at WhatsApp:

WhatsApp scam: Warning of Fieser Mesh – Scammers want to get the money of users

Scammers have already discovered WhatsApp as a promising platform for their machinations. With a relentless fraud mesh, you can use the well-known granded trick as close relatives of your potential victims on WhatsApp * or ask as a supposed friend a WhatsApp code , with which your own account can be stolen. _ is WieWhatsApp part of the editorial network of

Category list picture: © Police Headquarters Mittelhessen, Imago, Collage: WhatsApp

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