As always at the beginning of the new week, together with you we throw a closer look at The current Steam sales charts . For example, the question arises as to whether the PC port of God of was still found in the top spot. There may now be a new number 1 in the top 10.

Who stands in 1st 1 of the Steam sales charts?

Already the first look at the top 10 shows that the PC version of God of War could hold in the first place in the first place. Although you continue to hang the action role-play Monster Hunter Rise tightly in the neck, but it has not been enough for a change of watch on the Steam throne.

On the third place follows the pre-order version of the Zombie Game Dying Light 2: Staying Human, which is even several times represented in the top 10.

So the rest of the top 10 looks at Steam

Generally, the upper regions of the sales counters are mainly of pre-order versions multiple games. These include, among other things, the action role-playing Elden Ring and the real-time strategy game was totally: Warhammer 3. On the other hand, Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Roguelike game warm snow.

The following charts refer to the period from 24 to 30 January 2022. Here the overview:

  1. God of War
  2. Monster Hunter Rise

  1. Dying Light 2 Stay Human (Pre-order)
  2. Elden ring (pre-order)
  3. Dying Light 2 Stay Human (pre-order)
  4. Ready or Need
  5. Total was: Warhammer 3 (pre-order)
  6. Lost Ark Platinum Founder’s Pack (pre-order)
  8. It Takes Two


You see, away from the topfield has changed in the top 10 already a little. Incidentally, for the placements of the individual games in the Steam sales is the respective height of the achieved turnover crucial . The charts are output weekly in an XML feed to Steam.