To correct the Project ZomBoid error, it was not possible to install the P2P connection, the players will need to find and delete server and save the configuration files in the ZOMBOID folder.

This is a nuclear option, but it was confirmed that he would fix a mistake. However, it was reported that some players do not work, so we recommend using this option only if you do not have others. You must also backup your folders before you delete ,

However, you can find both the server and the saving folders inside the ZOMBoid folder on your main hard drive .

  • C: UsersIn the user: dzomboid

Inside this folder, locate the server and save the folders. You will need to delete both configuration files located inside the save and server in both folders. In the “Save” section, you will need to delete the multiplayer game configuration files. In the Server folder you will need to delete the server config.

Nevertheless, here is the exact address for both folders:

  • C: Users_TeerZomboiderser

How to run a

After you deleted both configuration files, you will need to download the server again. After downloading the server, it should boot and start, as it should be.

Another method that you can try is if you do not want to use a nuclear option – it is to start StartServer32 or StartServer 64. You can find both BAT files inside Stamping folder, and the launch must allow you to download the server.

The latter method that we recommend trying is to open the Steam UDP 8766 manually. It should allow the server to go through your firewall and start as usual.

If nothing helps, it can be associated with the overload of the P2P network STEAM. Because of this, it may be reasonable to wait and check later to see if something from Steam has not improved.

To learn more about Project Zomboid, we will tell you in PGG.