Publisher Toplitz Productions announced on February 19 that the trial version of “ Harvest Days ” will be delivered from February 21st. According to the Steam store page, STEAM early access delivery appears on April 6. In addition, the text in the game is planning to support Japanese.

“Harvest Days” is an open world agricultural game. The stage is the place in a certain part. In a natural rich area, start a new life on the axis of the farm. Players in this work live a lifetime life. It is still agriculture to be the center of life. Cultivate the field, squeeze seeds, and harvest while doing water. Let’s grow various crops from vegetables to fruits. Sometimes I work in agriculture using my own hand, sometimes tractors. In addition, it seems that frigament tree planting and animal breeding and dairy farms are possible.

Harvested crops seem to be able to sell yourself in the city’s market. This work is said to adopt an open world system. It is also a feature that you can move and explore the opened world yourself. Visit to other places other than ranch and enjoy various activities. You may want to digit a tree to the forest. You can catch fish going to the river and the sea. It seems to be able to adventure the mine and mines ore. Get new tools and furniture by crafting using the obtained item.

Harvest Days ★ Gameplay★ PC Steam (Free Alpha test) Simulator Survival Game 2021 ★ Ultra HD

In the city, in addition to selling agricultural products, it is possible to interact with people in the city. The city has a stall, and it is possible to buy and sell items here. If you deepen exchanges with them, you can receive discounts and special gifts. It seems that seasonal events will also occur. In addition, there seems to be a quest in this work, and more than 15 quests are already aligned, and it increases as development progresses. It is likely to hear someone’s request in the city.

Developing this work is the Studio Family Devs of Barcelona, ​​Spain. It is said that the production is being produced by two developers. Conducted a cloudfunding campaign in KickStarter last September. An euro of 18842 (about 2.5 million yen) was collected. After that, we signed a partner agreement with Toplitz Productions, which sells “Medieval dynasty”. Game development and coordination have been made through the release of pre-alpha version. STEAM will be prepared for STEAM early access delivery, including demo version.

“Harvest Days” plans to deliver STEAM early access from April 6, 2022. Trial version is also scheduled to be delivered during today. This work is also developing not only PC but also PS / XBOX / Nintendo Switch version. Online multiplayer correspondence was implemented by achieving KickStarter’s stretch goal, but as a result. It will be up to the sales status of this work.