After a long age of constant criticism of the new League of Legends skins, the community calmed their complaints about cosmetic visuals. Riot Games seems to have organized again, creating some of the most interesting skins of the game in recent times. You may not like the empire skins, but they do not look like anything we have seen recently. This situation alone is positive, but a detail in Pike’s skin, protagonist of the theme, makes everything even more special.


One detail that will only appear every thousand games

Certainly the best worked skin in this line is Pike’s, mainly because it will ing something unique in its visual effects, which can only be seen if it ensures a Entails. By ensuring this feat in a match, the entire map will turn, gaining shades of purple and black, quite predominant among the empire.

On average, Sykes make entails every thousand games, so it will hardly see at stake.

In addition to some animations that exceed the spectacular limit, Skin will reach LOL with another very curious detail as well. After using its depths of the depths, if the champion can ensure to reload time Reno, the skin colors change to much darker shades, something quite amazing.

This is not the first time Riot has tried to introduce this kind of detail into skins. LOL developers have experienced creating a small kinematics for One whenever he got a Entails either, but it didn’t work out very well because it influenced the gameplay in some way.

In addition, there is a small VFX in the project: Benetton, also related to Entails. Perhaps this case is even rarer than Pike’s, because the champion’s average entails is one out of 5,000 matches.