Something that happens commonly in Call of Duty, is that many online players use traps to raise their rank worldwide, this thanks to various hackeos of the programs themselves. However, Activision is trying to constantly fight against this practice, so software is now being launched to combat cheats.

For that they have been working for a long time at Ricochet , a software level Kernel that gives problems users who alter their video games, that includes _call of duty: vanguard and Call of Duty: Warzone. Since its launch last year, the company has detected the fall of many users, which has been eclipsed by a balance of the increase in fakers.

The reflux is due to the fact that traps creators use new tools, and the Ricochet team has to discover how to detect this behavior. One of the prohibition plans bears the name of mitigation, this not only expels the players, but also makes a NERF in the weapons of the players.

One of the implementations causes a cheater shots to hardly cause damage to the player they point to. The reason why it does some damage is for the objective to obtain visual signals to get rid of these. Only this has an advantage, since this does not give signs of using traps that involve software.

There is also cover-up. Where if a cheater has been captured with this, then all those who hit become invisible to them and for their software, leaving them running by levels full of players that they cannot see. This makes the bullets fly and therefore fall to their avatars.

The Ricochet team will continue working to find new ways to get rid of cheats. It will also be embedded in new games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.