Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel conquers the world quickly in the storm, and whether you are a recurring player, a current player or a newcomer in the card game, here is something for every1. However, as soon as you immerse yourself in the amazing world of Duel Monsters, you may want to ask yourself which packages you should buy to spice up your deck.

When it comes to deciding which packs are to be purchased, everything depends on preference and probability. What kind of cards would you like to get how unlikely is it that you pull out a super strong / rare card, and how well rounded off the card drops overall? All these things must be considered, but although the game came out only a while, I have some solid advice to offer.

When it comes to packages you can buy, there are two main types, standard and secret packages. Secret packs that are currently in the shop and stay there for a while. However, if you receive certain rare cards in the basic packages that unlock special packages to which they belong. As soon as a secret package is unlocked, you have access to 24 hours before it disappears. During this time you can summon as many packages as possible from this secret package. So I will guide you through some of the better standard and secret packages from which you can draw.


  • Masterpack
    • The Master Pack is one of the best packs from which a player can pull. During the pool in rare cards it gives you, everything else is as great, there is an overall solid number of average cards that can help you build starter decks quickly. For this reason, I believe that it is the best package from which one can retire to unlock secret packages.
  • Stand-up force
    • Stalwart Force certainly offers a better selection of rare cards, with cards such as Pot of Desires, Eledlich and Tri Brigade; Stalwart Force is really packed for beginners. If you have the luck of draw, you can build a great deck in a short time with this package.


  • Guided by the noble blade
    • One of the highest valued packages that you can unlock. The “noble” knights you can get have skills that build well and enable them to overpower their opponents quickly. The packs also have a pretty high rate of rare cards, and even the average cards can help you build an amazing new deck.
  • Toontic

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* This is for the old fans of Og Yu-Gi-Oh like me. You can make a great toon deck almost exactly as Maximillian Pegasus had in the old anime / manga. It offers a fun and unique card structure and the rare drop is great. I was able to build a solid toon deck with just a few hundred gemstones.
* Darkest magic
* A card package around Dark Magician and the Dark Magician Girl. The high composition Super and ultraselent cards in this package certainly make it worth investing gems in it. With the synergy that offer its cards, you can build a powerful deck in no time.

Well, these are a few solid packs that you can scream as a dueling! If you want to find out how to find some free packs in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel, read the linked article. Good luck and trust in the heart of the cards.