[ Moon Byung-soo] The European Game Exhibition, Games com’s three crowns, and the domestic game ‘fall of P’, which has emerged as expected, is considering expanding packs and series. It is noteworthy that it can be reborn as an IP with a thick fan base by proving the game.

According to the game industry on the 28th, Choir Jae-won Round 8 Studio PD recently mentioned future plans for the false of P, which is currently being developed in an interview with foreign media. The false P’s false is a Soul Lake Single Play Action RPG, which is being developed by Neo wiz’s Round 8 Studio, and features a unique worldview that adapts the classic ‘Pinocchio’ into a cruel fairy tale. It was the first Korean game to be the first Korean game at Games com 2022 in Germany in August, and was attracting attention with the number one overall of the US Twitter trend. The developers have recently reached 100.

Choir PD asked of the false production plan, We are planning an expansion pack or an additional content that can be downloadable. There is. It means to try to size based on the false of P.

It will take up to 60 hours to enjoy all the content in the game. Choir said, Basically, it takes about 30 hours to play the game, but if you check all the hidden content in the game, you will need 60 hours. I chose to play. It takes about 10 hours to clear the stage.

He also talked about the difficulty of developing console games. It was the hardest to develop the false P of P as a console game. It was difficult to find a person with a console game experience because it was a mobile game, he said. We had to overcome it directly. That’s why we spent a lot of time and effort. We didn’t intend to compare with Western game companies with big console games, but we did our best and now the false reactions of P I think.

He also expressed his gratitude for his parent company Neo wiz. This is because it was not easy to approve the development of console games in Korea, a mobile game. Choir said, The development team is grateful for Neo wiz. Neo wiz is open to taking adventures and risks. I want to inform more people about Neo wiz.

On the other hand, P’s false will be available in G-Star 2022, which will open in BEX CO, Susan from November 17th. Neo wiz will set up a 100 booth exhibition hall, including outdoor plaza during the event, to show a false demonstration version of P. It is expected to be released in 2023.