The Hardcore Extraction Looter genre was recently dominated by a game and a game, and that’s Escape from Tarkov. Developers have tried to interfere with a piece of cake, just to fail somewhere on the way. Small Impact Games, the team behind Marauders, but is a game that will get the first public demo in which we will see a whole wave of new extraction shooter games in the near future.

Cameron Small and James Rowbotham by Small Impact Languages ​​with The PC Player 24 after an exclusive view of the game and believe that we are “on the abyss of a new genres”. While there are certainly games that live up to this loot shooter experience, none of the experience brings to the point like Escape from Tarkov – and these two knows that the attention of the developing world has drawn.

“I think we’ll soon see that other competitive titles appear,” says Small. “But I think we arrive at a good point. I do not say that it will be like Battle Royale and will explode this thing and everyone will do it, but I know that people are hungry afterwards.

“I’m sure ten teams already work on the genre – and I already know five.”

Marauders - Official Full Reveal Trailer

Small Impact relies on this hunger to Marauders, a game that shares part of its core DNA with Tarkov and other shooters such as Fear, Vigor, Rust and Dayz. Although it is not quite as hardcore like Tarkov, Small admits that the team has added something to “leniency” how to make extraction points more visible and simplify the healing process to bring new players to the genre.

“We have a diagram where Marauders land in the hardcore spectrum,” says Small. “Tarkov is far left, Fortnite is right and pub is in the middle. We are in terms of recording and play only slightly left of pubg, but we are closer to Tarkov, because we are unforgiving. “

Small knows that he will not win the die-hard Tarkov fans for themselves, but he wants to give them – and battlestate “something else to chew”. “We do not even want to compete with Tarkov,” adds Rowbotham, “we just want to create our own room.”

With a game that is aligned, to bring more people into a slightly irreconcilable genre, Marauders will be anxious early early access phase – especially with his realistic Ki – interesting.