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Battlefield 2042, re -introducing Byeongdang in Season 3 at the end of this year.

On the 22nd, EA announced the update briefing of Battlefield 2042. The most prominent of these was the news that a specialist will be placed by bottle. The specialist system, which has been out of the class, will be maintained as before, but it will be limited to the bottle and gadgets, so that it will make a difference by operating the past method of giving personality.

According to the notice, the four types of classes that will be applied after the Season 3 update are assaults, supplements, engineers, and reconcies. The assault soldiers will be deployed by ▲ McKay, Sundance, Dozer, and Supplies ▲ Angel ▲ Palk ▲ Season 2 New Special List (Unpublished), Liz ▲ Boris ▲ Irish, and Scouts.

The difference between the bottles of the disease and the introduction can be clearly checked in the equipment. The assault soldiers are provided as ‘Medpen’, the supply soldiers are ‘defibrillators’, the engineer is ‘repair tool’, and the scouts are used as a bottle and equipment used at all times. In addition, the assault disease can be used as a throat by selecting one of grenades, smoke bombs, and soi-chins as grenades, smoke bombs, EMPs, and soi.

In the bottle and star gadgets, the smoke-bomb launcher ▲ the C5 bomb ▲ the IBA armor plate to the assault soldier, the ammunition box, the smoke bomb launcher, the first aid, the M18 Claymore to the supply soldier FGM-148 JABLIN ▲ EOD bot is provided to engineers, T-UGS, melee sensor, sorlam, C5 bomb, and tracker dart guns, and all specialists can be used to select only one of the corresponding gadgets.

In addition, the voices and audio updates for modifications of the voice, body’s attitude, and facial expressions that have been in progress from season 1 will continue. In addition, the idea of the classification and the classification of the specialist’s disease and feedback will be accepted through the forum. The classification system is expected to be introduced at the 3.2 update at the end of this year and Season 3.

Meanwhile, EA also shows that in Season 2, which will begin soon, you can see the Battlefield 3 symbol M16A3 Assault Rifle and the M60E4 craftsman, and also meet new maps and new specialists.

BVB, news and reports: Borussia Dortmund possibly suggests three even more stars transform

You can locate much more information as well as reports about BVB here.

In addition to Nico Schulz, 3 even more stars evidently have no future at Borussia Dortmund. BVB captain Marco Reus alerts of a possibly rough begin to the season. All crucial news and also reports regarding BVB can be found right here.

BVB, reports: 3 more celebrities should go

Brandt (26) as well as Hazard (29) are still under agreement in Dortmund till 2024, three years ago they switched to the black as well as yellow for 25 million euros each. The duo obtained normal times last period, however they might not completely meet expectations. Nonetheless, Brandt has made its most effective season in the BVB jersey (nine objectives in 40 affordable games), Risk scored 6 objectives in 30 objectives.

Conjectures concerning an adjustment from Akanji have been distributing for a long period of time, yet thus far the 26-year-old protector has actually not yet discovered a brand-new club, in the meantime Inter Milan has been taken into consideration an interested celebration. In the interior position, Niklas Süle’s beginners and Nico Schlotterbeck displaced the Swiss, whose working paper runs out in 2023.

The BVB apparently included three more celebrities to its stroke checklist. Along with Nico Schulz, according toskiesManuel Akanji, Thorgan Risk and Julian Brandt must likewise leave the club. According to all 3, it was revealed that they do not play a significant role in the planning for the coming period which Borussia can entrust a suitable deal.

BVB, News: Marco Reus advises of Borussia Dortmund prior to the begin of the season

Dortmund’s training school runs till July 23. On July 29, the preliminary in the DFB Cup versus 1860 Munich is on the program, on August 6th the brand-new Bundesliga period starts for Borussia with a house video game versus Bayer Leverkusen. The BVB after that needs to go versus Freiburg, Bremen, Hertha as well as Hoffenheim.

In the triumph against Verl, among various other things, Youssoufa Moukoko attracted focus to herself with a double pack, however much of the brand-new enhancements were not yet used. Süle or opponent Sebastien Haller are anticipated to be on the yard just in the test games in the training school (July 18 against Valancia and also July 22nd against Villareal).

Almost three weeks prior to the begin of the new Bundesliga season, BVB captain Marco Reus alerted versus a rough begin of the season due to the reasonably brief preparation time and also the several newcomers. It will not always look ideal at the start, stated the 33-year-old after the 5-0 test game versus SC Verl on Thursday atSky _.

It is all the a lot more vital that the results are ideal and after that in retrospect the playful, Reus continued, that mentioned the path for the training school in Bad Ragaz, which started on Friday: We understand that we have little time, so we have to Whatever functions very, really rapidly.

BVB, Information: Ballack criticizes Dortmund’s transfer plan

The 45-year-old also sees the transfer plan seriously. They get young gamers who are not yet ended up, especially in individual development. You can read the complete information right here.

Articles and also videos on the subject
* It draws! Bavaria tale is a new fan annoyer since of Lewy-Threat?
* Register the Bundesliga on Fridays and Sundays solely live on DAZN-now!

Ex-international Michael Ballack does not see a significant competitor for FC Bayern Munich in the race for the German champion also in the coming period. The ratio of case champions-and mentality-es are not real every week, Ballack informed thekicker _.

BVB: Summer season timetable in the summary

The BVB evidently added three even more stars to its stroke listing. Brandt has made its most effective season in the BVB jersey (9 goals in 40 affordable video games), Threat racked up 6 objectives in 30 missions.

Date Opponent Venue competition
Tuesday, July 5 Lüner SV ( 3: 1 ) Fighting railway Schwansbell, Lünen Test game.
Saturday, July 9 Eager Beaver Dresden (2: 0) Rudolf Harbig Arena, Dresden Test game.
Thursday, July 14 SC Verl (5: 0) Sportsclub-Arena, Verl Test game.
Monday, July 18 FC Valencia Training school in Altach Test game.
Friday, July 22 FC Villarreal Training camp in Altach Test game.
Friday, July 29 TSV 1860 Munich Stadium on Grünwalder Straße, Munich DFB Cup, first round.
Saturday, August 6 Bayer 04 Leverkusen Westfalenstadion, Dortmund Bundesliga, matchday 1st.

The BVB then has to go versus Freiburg, Bremen, Hertha and also Hoffenheim.

BVB captain Marco Reus advises of a possibly rough begin to the season. All vital information and reports regarding BVB can be located below.

The best anime of spring 2022

Well, the spring season of the anime is actually completed, and therefore the time has come to look back and think about what was shown the most interesting and what did not deserve attention. I’ll clarify in advance that Summertime Render (Summer Time) and Kakkou no iinazuke (Investigated by a cuckoo) are worthy of mentioning the series, but they will continue next season, and therefore are not suitable for selection criteria for this material (end in the spring season). With a lyrical retreat, we finished and move, in fact, to the list.


Spy X Family/Family of the Spy

It’s not entirely correct to enter this series on the list, because the first half of the only season, and not the first season, was completed, but there is still some kind of completion, and the break will last until the fall, and therefore we will make an exception for the Title.

The story of how the professional spy of Loyda Foger managed to get a very important task and subsequently start a family in which his wife will be a hired killer Yor, and an amateur daughter of nuts and a psychic part-time Anya. A quite kind comedy series, which is sometimes diluted with inserts with seriousness or quite expensive action (which is not surprising, because the series draw Clover Works with Wit Studio), and therefore it is definitely worth it. And yes, Anya Wa Pinatsu Ga Suki!

Paripi Koumei!/Your boyfriend Conmin!

Definitely the very musical show of the outgoing season, which is accompanied by simply masterpiece opening, extremely not bad ending and a non-number of good songs inside. Naturally, with the exception of repchina. In any case, watching the series is already only because of music, but the advantages do not end there! Before us is the real Iceechey, in which the brilliant strategist of the time of the three-year-old CONMINA enters modern Japan and uses its skills to promote a singer named Ayko. By the way, she is one of the two best girls of the outgoing season, and this is another plus. Whether or not, you will need, but I will personally look very askance at all those who have refused to view.

Otome Game Sekai Wa Mob Ni Kibishii Sekai Desu/The world of the dark game gesture in relation to mobs

There are no Icereeks a lot! And Iceeca, who make it possible not to look at an imbalanced boot, but for a zander with a capital letter M, which earns its imbalance with hard work and due to knowledge about the world of the game in which the weight of gold has been pleased. Another important feature is that the title knows very well about all the illogicals and a common degree of idiocy inside, but in general this is not shy and ridicules itself. Low bow, gentlemen authors.

The tarry of tar in this series, unfortunately, will become an obviously small budget, which leads to some problems with Sergeant Grafoni, but, frankly, it does not interfere with viewing.

Gaikotsu Kishi-Sama/Knight-Skeleton

What if the lord did not try to pretend that it was some dark fantasy and would not be a beak? I also think that this is impossible, and therefore forget about it.

So, this is also an Isikai, and the main heroes are a skeleton named Ark, who will eventually play the role of a knight on a white horse for everyone and everything in the series. Importance and other charms are attached, but the hero is really funny, and Ariana is my respect. And here is the opening from the well-known proven Pellek. Yes, his voice is very infuriated by many, but in the framework of this opening, all the stars came together, and this is a suit. I do not advise you to listen separately from the video traffic.

Kawaii Dake Janai Shikimori-San/Not only cute Shikimori-san

And here is the series from the second of the two best girls of the outgoing season. And this is not even an outrage. The whole essence of what is happening comes down to the fact that we are shown the daily life of the same Shikimory Mid, her boyfriend named Izumi, as well as their friends. There is no end-to-end plot and the series consist of small arches with different stories, and the main feature of Title is that the viewer with a probability of 99.99% will sit with a smile from ear to ear. Tons of Milota, ubercrutular Shikimory, excellent drawing from professionals from Doga Kobo and good musical accompaniment-main features of Title.

If you suddenly need a cure for depression, then it is in front of you. If you experience acute seizures of envy when viewing and you want because of this even more to underestimate the title assessment on the aggregators, I recommend that you contact a specialist.

Shokei Shoujo No Virgin Road/Inquisitor and its Life Way

Another series, which for one adherent reasons only received an estimate below 7 points on aggregators. And after all, Title offers us a rather unique view of the fantasy world, into which the rebirths fall, but not being an isking from the word at all. The plot here is precisely that the rebirths got everyone and are generally dangerous, and therefore they must be quickly sent to the other world, because crossing back to their world is impossible, and they can get very serious things (not all, but many). At the same time, the level of the picture, in principle, is no different from the conditional Danmachi from the same studio, that is, it will not be very to get to the bottom of the graphics. So what are the problems of the series? No idea.

Kaguya-Sama wa kokurasetai 3/Kaguya-sama wants to hear recognition 3

The third season of the once sensational series about the endless struggle of the two geniuses, which set the main goal of the desire to force the object of their lust to admit the feelings first. I will not give any spoilers, and those who watched the first two seasons are definitely worth plunging into the third. In the future, another anime project for this title also awaits us, but it is not yet clear what format it will be.

Date A Live IV/Randeva with life 4

Perhaps the most unexpected fourth season of all fourth seasons. I could expect anything from Dal, but not that it would be interesting to watch it, and the authors will cut out a random and rather meaningless fan service from Title, with which the first three seasons were abounded. However, the latter is clearly not a plus, and I am not going to build a snob out that will declare the harmful influence of the fan service on the children of aliens from the planet Nibiru. Fanservice is good, especially now, when from all sides we hear about the censorship of sexualized characters. The fact that this is exclusively female characters is always amused, but we will not now about it.

In general, the fourth season came out surprisingly interesting, revealing some issues that remained to who these perfumes are, as well as giving fans as many as 4 episodes, which are filled with Kurumi Tokisaki from above to bottom.

Tomodachi Game/Game of Friends

There is a rule according to which in every season there should be a title related to either the genre of royal battles or to cruel psychological games. Otherwise, the season can be considered a failure. In the outgoing season, such a project was the adaptation of Tomodachi Game, which tells about how the most ordinary schoolchildren for their debts were drawn into strange psychological games.

At first glance, Title reveals the importance of such a thing as friends, but in fact, the main chip of his chip is the main character of Katagiri Yuichi, who is able to get out of almost any situation, due to his cunning.

The sensations of watching Tomodachi Game are close to Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji and, in principle, is able to drag out and interest the viewer so much that he will go to look for an original manga.

shin ikkitousen/True power of a thousand

One of the best Ecchi Taytlov began the zero once again returned to the screens so that all the fans had an overdose fan service. There is a return of old characters, battle and a huge number of pantry-shots and naked female breasts. The only thing that can upset is a small timing. Lovers of the old, stupid and vulgar Ikkitousen will definitely be satisfied.


And that’s all. Yes, I missed the pretty good Yuusha, Yamemasu, and I also deliberately forgot about the new season of the hero of the shield and several other titles. If you think that some titles were unfairly forgotten, then you can always share them in the comments. And I leave for Sim and wish you not to be ill, not to be beech and watch only good anime.

Here the first trailer of the second season of The Bad Bath!

The Star Wars galaxy goes beyond films and Live Action series. From the clone wars, to star wars rebels, the animated world has played a very important role in the current canon. In this way, many were looking forward to more information about the second season of The Bad Batch _. Fortunately, During Star Wars Celebration, the first trailer of this new season was finally revealed.

Star Wars The Bad Batch Season 2 Official Teaser Trailer | Disney+
Shared for the general public during a panel in Star Wars Celebration, it has been reaffirmed that The second season of The Bad Batch will arrive at Disney+ at some point in this year’s fall . Similarly, the first advance of the new adventures of Clone Force 99 was shown.

The first season of the Bad Batch developed after the events of Order 66, and it seems that this new season will show us a little more about how the empire was formed, and the clones began to be set aside. Previously, we saw the appearance of CAD BANE, Fennec Shand and Captain Rex, so the possibility of seeing more cameos of this style in the future is not ruled out.

Remember, The second season of the Bad Batch will arrive at Disney+ in the fall of 2022 . In related issues, here we tell you what happens in the first trailer of the ahsoka series. Similarly, these are the first details of tals of the Jedi, animated anthology for Disney+.

Editor’s note:

The Bad Batch has the potential to be one of the best animated Star Wars series. However, the first season was somewhat slow, I hope that the mistakes of the past do not replicate with the second season, and let’s see something totally new for this time in the Canon of Star Wars.

In the crazy Season 4 from WoW Shadowlands you can pick the very best loot yourself

** Although the dungeon has dropped, hanging a Season 4 at the back, which runs a little in different ways than you are used to. One element of this uncommon season is experiments snowstorms in auto mechanics, for example at the RAID loot.

What should change on the RAID loot? In Season 4 from WOW: Shadowlands, the designers of Snowstorm trying out 2 brand-new mechanics around the best loot in the video game:

Something adjustments also with the M+ dungeons. A total amount of 8 dungeons ought to provide the possibility to play them on M+. 6 of them are from previous extensions such as Myriad, Fight for Azeroth or Warlords of Dreanor.

RAID employers, which are occupied by the Season 4 Affix, give you the strongest loot-” Faded” loot in the season. It has a greater item degree than the typical RAID loot in front of Season 4.

5 *CRAZY* Ninja Loot Reactions In WoW! (RAGE)

The launch date of the Season 4 is not yet known.

Nevertheless, it does not bring a new loot or content, yet it tries some things-such as the turning of the raids, perhaps also M+- Raids.

What takes place in Season 4? Really, a development of WoW in the Season, in which the last RAID manager drops. Not so in Shadowlands, here is a Season 4.

You only get the “fated” loot out of the raid with the affix. However if you are seeking a raid thing that drops from a boss that is not inhabited by the Season Affix, the hunt for the “fated” version becomes harder because this raid just has the affix every 3 weeks.

The Season 4-Affix turns in between the 3 Raids of Shadowlands-Nathria Castle, the haven of guideline as well as the mausoleum of the. Therefore, all Shadownland raids in Season 4 must be appropriate.

  • Currency “Puzzling Cartel Dinar” for buying raid loot from dealerships
  • “Shards” with which you can upgrade raid loot

The brand-new mechanics are intended to weaken the loot pech and also the lower come across products by specific managers by turning. Meinmmo discusses the experiments thoroughly.

WOW explore RAID supplier for less loot-pech

How does that work with the money? During the Season 4 you can get an overall of 3 “Confusing Cartel Dinar” in the Raids. This runs with a mission for which you need to give in to the “fated” bosses that are inhabited with the Season 4-Affix:

With the money, 3 specific investors can be paid as well as everyone has Loot from among the Shadowlands Raids at the begin. This allows you to pick 3 pieces of the very best loot in the game throughout the fourth Season.

Nonetheless, the corresponding employers that count for the quest can not be “pressed”, so repetitive definitely. Not also at various degrees of trouble matter twice.

  • Dinar 1 – 30 kills
  • Dinar 2 – 20 Kills
  • Dinar 3 – 10 kills
  • Amount of eliminates can still change
  • Quest you will certainly obtain when entering a raid in Season 4

According to the designers, it takes a minimum of 3 weeks to get the initial dinar and also until week 6 to sack dinar number 3. Yet only if you always placed the maximum variety of fated bosses.

If you have result all 3 dinars, the dealers disappear for you and also can no more be discovered in Season 4.

From the suppliers you get regular raid loot with a product degree between 278 and also 285. The “fated” loot is. To make sure that mythological or brave Raider likewise get some of it, the 2nd brand-new technicians aids with the “Shards”.

_ Hier you will certainly locate a brief overview on the new wow expansion: _

How does that deal with the splinters/Shards? In mythical and also brave raids, every manager has a decrease opportunity of 100 %to drop a “Fragment” in Season 4.

It is presently intended that you can set up 20 of these “Shards” into a brand-new upgrade product. With the material, “Fated” raid loot can be upgraded:

You can upgrade the normal items acquired from the RAID suppliers for more tough raids. It is vital that just the “fated” loot can be upgraded that you can tackle the suppliers or the raids that are inhabited by the Season 4-Affix.

Although the dungeon has actually fallen, hanging a Season 4 at the back, which runs a little in a different way than you are made use of to. One facet of this uncommon season is experiments snowstorms in auto mechanics, for example at the RAID loot. Actually, a development of WoW in the Season, in which the last RAID manager falls. ** In the course of the Season 4 you can get an overall of 3 “Puzzling Cartel Dinar” in the Raids. From the dealerships you obtain regular raid loot with a product level in between 278 as well as 285.

You will certainly locate the English blog site entrance in the WoW Forum (through if you desire to take a closer look at the info from the developers.

This most definitely brings a new vibrant into the Raids’ loot system and also we have an interest in what you believe of the “experiments”.
Let us have a discuss the topic.
If you favor to review something concerning the new Dragon Trip, after that take a look here: Wow Dragon Trip – whatever we know regarding the new growth

With the upgrade options of normal “fated” products to your legendary degree, you can play raids regularly in different degrees of problem in a week and also then upgrade the things.

Generally, the RAID experiments result in even more possibilities to obtain your desired part. Nonetheless, the possibility for sure components drops with the turning.

  • Normal as well brave
  • Brave to mytical

The Roadmap of Warzone Season 3 reveals Caldera Iron Trials, Pois and more

Another big Call of Duty Warzone Update is on the way next week and next to the huge Warzone Godzilla event, which takes place in May, there is a lot going on what you can look forward to. Raven Software introduces 3 four new weapons in Warzone, which will surely shake up the Warzone Meta, but Caldera Iron Trials will challenge the players like never before and the new POI locations will be worth a visit.

If you are an experienced Warzone player, you will know what Iron Trials is going on – although we have never seen this playlist played on Caldera. Traditionally, Iron Trials offer the players an increased basic health at a lower health regeneration rate. The prices for buying stations are increased and there is no free PC players 24-drops.

At the beginning of this year, Warzones Rebirth Island Iron Trials were also introduced with PC players 24 restrictions – such as the removal of Dead Silence and Stopping Power Rounds – and a changed booty pool. The patch notes for Warzone Season 3 come next week, so we should then have a confirmed rule set, but you expect this to be the hardest challenge that Caldera has offered the players so far.

Elsewhere on the Roadmap of Warzone Season 3, Raven software has revealed a number of card changes – including new POI locations – indicating the beginning of the Operation Monarch and the appearance of two legendary monsters: Kong and Godzilla.

Dig Site, a new POI between the ruins and the mine, houses the remains of several huge “snake creatures,” said the Call of Duty Blog. With the opportunity to collect decent loot and a few contracts, this could be a fantastic place if you are looking for something new.

In addition, Runway, Lagoon and Peak were updated for Warzone Season 3.


“All buildings on the peak are fully built, with a fresh paint that reveals the symbol of the mysterious global organization called Monarch,” explains the Call of Duty Blog. The runway was also modernized, the area was built with several new structures that replace the jungle areas around the main landscape. The changing tides also opened a new way to the lighthouse in the lagoon, so you expect that this will be better accessible in the future.

The Call of Duty Warzone Season 3-Roadmap looks a bit bright in terms of Warzone content, but we are sure that this is only because you save some content for the release date of Warzone Operation Monarch. The Call of Duty Support Studio Toys for Bob has developed a new Gulag, Hold, for Season 3, and the Mid Season Update promises exciting.

Destiny 2 – The Solar Dial Guide

The solar dial is a new six-player matchmatch activity that was added to destiny 2 in Season of Dawn. During the solar dial races, you would try to help Osiris to prevent the cabal to change the past, creating a world in which they will gain the red war.

Destiny 2: Configuración Solar, Arco y Vacio | Guía Definitiva del Plano y Catalizador de Brote
To start playing in The Sundial, you will need to find the quest Matter of Time. You can start this quest by visiting Ikora in the tower. When you have finished the quest, you will then have full access to the solar dial and can browse it as often as you want.

What is the solar dial?

The sunscreen plays in a very similar way to menagery. The solar dial will load different areas of challenge that will require you to do different things. They all involve fighting the enemies, but each zone has its mechanisms that you will have to master. For example, in the Datamine Challenge area, you must capture The Points, while killing Psion Commanders who appear, surrounded by their protective bubbles. The only way to kill them is with a melee attack, so you have to track them and kill them to continue taking stock.

We will have the complete guides for each different challenge domain once we all come across them. In each area, it is essential to revive the teammates fallen to the fight, to use the banners to ensure that everyone has its super and heavy ammunition and to work together to get as much progress as possible. This will reduce your time spent at the solar dial.

Like the menagerie, the progress you make in each zone will fill a bar on the left side of the screen. When the bar is full, the solar dial will charge the fight against the boss of the week. Every boss fight will have the different mechanisms, and it will take a strong teamwork to make them fall.

Once the boss is vanquished, you will be brought back to the center of the solar dial and will have to choose your reward. Rewards are dictated by the obelisk that you have connected to the solar dial for this race. If you do not know how to find an obelisk, it is a step of the quee question of time, which you will have to make before accessing this activity. You also earn the crops of major fractals by performing the solar dial racing, which you will need to improve your obelisks.

LOL: Koi would already have a new coach, and its a vote of confidence to SLT and Season

Even though it ranked at the last minute with a very good phase of playoffs, the season of koi in Superliga had very important aspirations. Surely no one expects a great revolution for the summer season, but it is possible that new faces appear in the club or that certain key points are retained in the org chart of the purple team.

How Your Table and Chair Impacts Your Aiming When Gaming
The past night jumped through a message from Alejandro “ anonimotum ” Gomis, one of the most recognized insiders of the entire Professional League of Legends. The IBAI LLANAS team and Gerard Piqué would have paid for the rescission of the Danusch Contract “ Arvindir ” Fischer, Technician of the German Big team, so that it became the new trainer of the tents.

The reunion with two Koi players

It is a signing that says a lot about the new Koi of the summer season. On the one hand, Arvindir worked with Season and SLT in Big , getting to get the spring season of the Prime League German with both in 2021, as well as summer and only with support. This makes practically confirming the position of both in summer, just as they are given a vote of trust with a technician who took out the best of them.

In the same way, a rumor that is being discussed a lot, as is the possible arrival of Steven “ Reezer ” Chen, current Midlaner de Mad Lions in Lec . The German season on Elyoya’s team has been quite loose, but that does not take away that it was trained to arvide in Big, and that it is a path that SLT has already undertook at the Spanish Erl with Koi.

If this last move is confirmed, the unknown would be that it will happen with Jorgen “ Hatrixx ” ELGAEN. The player is one of the most talented team, with great experience in Erls, and I could well find accommodation in another European club. Nor would we know that he would pass with Jesus “ Falco ” Pérez, current technical team. The Superliga season will start at the end of May or early June, so there is still time to announce all adjustments to the template.

Here the new trailer of the second season of Komi Cant Communicate

Every time less is missing for the premiere of the second season of _ komi can not communicate _, in this way, it was recently revealed a new trailer that prepares us for the next step of this romantic anime He captivated the whole public a few months ago.

The second season of this anime will continue to focus on presenting new characters, this with the aim of Komi to get 100 friends. However, we can also see a little more of the relationship between Shoko Komi, Hitohito Tadano and Najimi Osana , the loving triangle that takes a greater weight as history progresses.

The second season of komi can not communicate will arrive at Netflix in Japan on April 6, 2022 . At the moment it is unknown if these episodes will also be transmitted in the West, although considering that this was the case with the first part, it seems that this will be repeated.

Komi Can't Communicate Season 2 - Official Trailer | AniTV
In related topics, the synopsis of anime of cyberpunk 2077 has been revealed. Similarly, Goku demonstrated his domain of the teleportation technique in the last chapter of Dragon Ball Super.

MeripodcHogwartst 15×22: State of Play, Delays and Return of Hogwarts Legacy

We have already surpHogwartssed the Ecuador of the seHogwartson, no matter how it does not seem like it. At the gates of the first, the world of video game not for and leaves us with weight ads, delays and events. From that we speak in this episode of MeripodcHogwartst , where the current team reviews everything that hHogwarts given the sector during the lHogwartst fourteen days.

Hogwarts Legacy State of Play - Official Gameplay Reveal 4K

We started commenting on everything you gave the State of Play from PlayStation, which did not convince us too much. We discussed the meaning of this type of recurring events and if it would be better to go to another nomenclature to calm the expectations of the users before their celebration. In any cHogwartse, there were ads that we liked and that we hope to play when they go on sale, Hogwarts the collector of Ninja turtles.

Will Hogwarts leave Legacy this year?

Then we talk about Hogwarts Legacy , which on Thursday night March 17 will present 14 minutes of Gameplay accompanied by comments from their developers. Will we have a releHogwartse date? Avalanche and Warner Bros. Games have something to tell us. Hogwarts you will see, we will also talk about the Games of Harry Potter favorites of our childhood.

The lHogwartst block of the program is dedicated to the releHogwartse date of Gotham Knights , the delay of Forspoken and how tight you are staying this end of the year. Hogwarts it could not be otherwise, we also tell you what we have been playing during these lHogwartst two weeks.

Accompany Paula, Borja, Alejandro and Sergio Carlos in this program. See you in a couple of weeks with the most recent news. What surprises will the exciting world of the videogame will bring us? Next week is the turn of the Retro Team.

Thank you for listening to the MeripodcHogwartst. We remember that you can hear each program on YouTube, Ivoox, iTunes and Spotify.

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