Nintendo Switch (ニンテンドースイッチ, Nintendo Suit chi) is a computer game console created by Nintendo, doing well the Wii U. This is the very first crossbreed console in the history of video games, which can additionally serve as a console. Living room than portable console. Declared under the name NO on March 17, 2015, throughout a press conference, officially provided on October 20, 2016, as well as displayed in more information on January 17, 2017, throughout a real-time discussion, it appeared worldwide. March 3, 2017. It is in competition with the Xbox One then the Xbox Series of Microsoft and the PlayStation 4 after that the PlayStation 5 of Sony.

A new vigilance 2 rumor has arisen online, and as most -relocating 2 rumors, it has nothing more than bad news. According to an extensive report, vigilance 2 is having development problems in Blizzard. Equally, worried are the Overwatch fanatics, who, currently, do not seem very enthusiastic about the sequel. In fact, many fans have expressed their discontent for a sequel who, according to some, is completely unnecessary. That said, it is happening, and it can be with an important reduction.

According to a new rumor that circulates, Blizzard is simplifying several designs on behalf of mobile compatibility. In other words, the sequel will not look so good. For now, this has not been confirmed, but the Tweet below provides images that demonstrate degradation in effect.


Of course, the first Supervision The game is far from being a graphical power. However, although the hat is not hanging in graphic fidelity, it has some excellent designs that, if this rumor is true, they will not be so good in the sequel.

At the time of publication, Blizzard has not addressed this rumor and the affirmations that does in any way. If this changes, we will let you know what you have to say.

Vigilance 2 is developing for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. At this time, there is no news that the game reaches PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. However, since the game will be launched, that It is not soon, it is safe to assume that you will come to these consoles.. In fact, if one platform is going to be omitted, it is PS4, Xbox One and, in particular, Nintendo Switch. However, if Blizzard is preparing to decrease game graphs, you may not have trouble running on this older hardware.

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