On more than one occasion, combining two things that do not have much to do with each other has a negative result.
However, sometimes something special is obtained.
This is what a youtuber has dedicated, who has decided to mix michael scott of The Office with mass effect.
Recently, the user known as Eli_handle_BYWAY shared a video where we can see Michael Scott interact with the world and the characters of mass effect.
Thanks to a great edition, there are moments where the mixture of worlds is tremendously natural.
When taking some of Michael Scott’s most iconic moments, such as their behavior before a fire drill in the office, and joining them with heartbreaking and exciting sequences of mass effect games, results in an hilarious experience that, strangely, fits
to perfection.
In related issues, more details about the following mass effect are announced.
Similarly, you can check the conceptual art of this title here.
Editor’s note:
Eli_handle_byway does a fantastic work.


Its YouTube channel is a gold mine in comedy.
Each of his videos takes ridiculous concepts, such as Austin Powers in mass effect or Liam Nelson in Detroit: Become Human, and the result is much better than one could think.