Riot Games announced, on Monday (11), the end of Wild Rift’s competitive scenario in Latin America, North America and Europe. The official statement reports that the company has made the decision to invest only in the Asian scenario, in which public adherence to mobile games is more expressive.

The confirmation of the closure came after days of speculation by the community. The teams participating in the scenario received, last Friday (18), an email in which the producer summoned a meeting with the national teams then, rumors about the possible cancellation of the competitive scenario of the game began to emerge.

The news shocked the community, which did not expect such an agile cancellation. During the weekend, teams and public in Europe, Latin America and North America expressed their indignation through Twitter,

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Although the announcement came as a cold water bucket for all the scenario participants, it was definitely a climate destroyer for the inclusive scenario.

Just 10 days after the face-to-face final of Wild Circuit azil: Game Changers, which took Net shoes Miners and TBK teams to a full audience MD7 series, participants were taken by surprise with confirmation.

Although the producer commented, in a statement, that studies the possibility of, in 2023, keeping the events special, with some of its partners, aimed at Wild Rift women’s leagues, the community was not satisfied.

Juliane Jun Coca Coca, who acts as an auxiliary technique of TBK, commented that she already sensed some instability regarding the treatment that the developer presented for the competitive.

Juliane also commented on a possible investment reduction in other mobile games, as organizations may be more cautious about creating new teams. She cites the Honor of Kings games and the rumors of a Valorant version for cell phones.

In addition to Juliane, players Isabella Yuk Caetano and Kelly Kelly Silva, who work respectively in Midland’s positions and support for TBK, pointed out that the feeling that the developer could be ‘doing more’ by the scenario was widespread.


Isabella commented that about two months before the WCB announcement: Game Changers, she witnessed the withdrawal from several people who wanted to enter the inclusive scenario. She also added that she felt a certain neglect after the end of the Wild Tour in September.

Kelly, in turn, commented that the announcement of the inclusive tournament was what began to give hope about greater investments: The inclusive community did a lot to stay up, but we really loved this game, so we did without thinking twice, And we gave our blood in that [.] this face-to-face was very important to us, he added.

Regarding Riot’s decision to try to keep only inclusive alloys, Isabella said she believed that, by having a calendar, so far, the investment is not so high and, therefore, the producer may have thought of opting for return tournaments immediate. Midland states, however, that demands should be the same for both scenarios.

Although the players had their foot on the ground, the euphoria of the first face-to-face caused a possible inclusive world worldwide several times by the TBK players, as by the Net shoes Miners team.

Despite a distant dream, the players hoped that the Wild Rift could receive a boom of attention and investment similar to Valiant, in the short future, and were already making planning for the year 2023, when they expected to receive a fixed annual calendar.

Regarding possible migration to another game, both players said that while playing Wild Rift, the change had never been through their heads. For Kelly, the last few weeks have been very happily, which makes the current moment still ‘surreal’ to her.

Already Isabella, despite being involved with the League of Legends universe since 2015, said she regrets leaving the world of shooting games, FPS, making her think of migrating from competitive scenario.

MGG tried to contact Riot Games for more details about planning for possible special inclusive events that can occur in 2023, but has not yet received an answer.