On the 22nd, EA announced the update briefing of Battlefield 2042. The most prominent of these was the news that a specialist will be placed by bottle. The specialist system, which has been out of the class, will be maintained as before, but it will be limited to the bottle and gadgets, so that it will make a difference by operating the past method of giving personality.

According to the notice, the four types of classes that will be applied after the Season 3 update are assaults, supplements, engineers, and reconcies. The assault soldiers will be deployed by ▲ McKay, Sundance, Dozer, and Supplies ▲ Angel ▲ Palk ▲ Season 2 New Special List (Unpublished), Liz ▲ Boris ▲ Irish, and Scouts.

The difference between the bottles of the disease and the introduction can be clearly checked in the equipment. The assault soldiers are provided as ‘Medpen’, the supply soldiers are ‘defibrillators’, the engineer is ‘repair tool’, and the scouts are used as a bottle and equipment used at all times. In addition, the assault disease can be used as a throat by selecting one of grenades, smoke bombs, and soi-chins as grenades, smoke bombs, EMPs, and soi.

In the bottle and star gadgets, the smoke-bomb launcher ▲ the C5 bomb ▲ the IBA armor plate to the assault soldier, the ammunition box, the smoke bomb launcher, the first aid, the M18 Claymore to the supply soldier FGM-148 JABLIN ▲ EOD bot is provided to engineers, T-UGS, melee sensor, sorlam, C5 bomb, and tracker dart guns, and all specialists can be used to select only one of the corresponding gadgets.

In addition, the voices and audio updates for modifications of the voice, body’s attitude, and facial expressions that have been in progress from season 1 will continue. In addition, the idea of the classification and the classification of the specialist’s disease and feedback will be accepted through the forum. The classification system is expected to be introduced at the 3.2 update at the end of this year and Season 3.

Meanwhile, EA also shows that in Season 2, which will begin soon, you can see the Battlefield 3 symbol M16A3 Assault Rifle and the M60E4 craftsman, and also meet new maps and new specialists.