The Windblown festival has returned, bringing a new set of events that will reward players with exclusive demographic and sweet rewards.
Among them is Floral Pursuit, where you must explode some balloons and get high scores.
Here is everything you need to know for complete floral persecution in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Floral Search Guide

You can start the pursuit floral challenge talking to an adventurer named Platen, who will explain the basic rules of the event.
If you need a review, here is the guide you must follow to finish this Genshin Impact mini-game.
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The main objective of this event is to burst all Bloom balloons you find some of them will be stationary, while others can move.
Each stage will be divided into several areas and, although it is not necessary that you collect all flower balloons to open the next room, it is a good idea to exploit as many as possible.
After all, the higher your score, the more relics you will unlock.
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The second rule is to avoid Ersatz balloons that will patrol each area.
If they catch you, you will be returned to the starting point and lose a point of persecution.


However, it can counterattack claiming galebenditions (swirling wind balls), which allow you to destroy any ersatz balloon that you find for seven seconds.
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Be sure to claim any benefit you find on your way.
In addition to galebenditions, you can also get speed improvements and blessings meetings.
The latter will expand your area of influence and allow you to destroy the Bloom balloons that are further from you.
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Once you have collected enough flower balloons, the persecution ring will appear.
You will have to play this floating garland to finish the challenge and get the stage.
Be careful not to be trapped by any Ersatz balloon because it can still return it to the starting point even when the persecution ring has appeared.

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Finally, do not forget to claim your rewards on the pursuit floral event page.
At the end of the first stage of this challenge, you will receive an exclusive four-star weapon, Mailed Flower, which is a good Claymore for the characters that need to activate elementary reactions.
You can also get your refinement materials by completing other challenges during the Windblown Festival.
That is the end of our guide on how to complete floral persecution in Genshin Impact.
Before leaving, be sure to check other Genshin Impact items below.
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