In Disney Twisted-Wonderland, cards in which two of the three interactive elements are not used (water, flora and fire) are less common than others. On some of these cards there are two spells of the same interactive type, while on the rest there is one fire spell, flora or water and one cosmic spell. Space spells are not strong and not weak against any other type.

If you want to bring home SSR Cosmic-Fire, pay attention to SSR Book 4, as the DORM UNIFORM VIPER meets all the requirements. If you are new to the game and want to start with the selection of space fire, Ceremonial Robes Jade is what you need. Let’s look at each Cosmic-Fire map in Disney Twisted-Wonderland.

All Card Fire Maps

Space-flora cards are best suited for the battles of Omni or Batifs against the flora and any other element. Space spells are special because they will never weaken your character against the strike, no matter which element uses an enemy team. If you fight the battle for the entire flora, it is better to use a map with one element of fire. However, if you have a SSR COSMIC-Fire card, which is much better than your alternative to Fire, it is worth choosing it.

This list includes cards from both English and Japanese servers, so it is suitable for planning in advance, as cards are often added to the English version faster than they were originally released in Japan.

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SSR Rarity Cosmic-Fire Cards

Slot 1 Space Spell

  • Viper dormitory uniform (ATK)
  • Union Tuz Birthday (BAL)
  • Birthday Dew (ATK)
  • Birthday Floyd (DEF)
  • Birthday Lily Union (DEF)

Slot 2 Space Spell

  • IDIA dormitorial uniform (DEF)

Caps of Space Fire Rorse SR

Slot 1 Space Spell

  • Jack for laboratory clothes (DEF)
  • Scary Outfit Leona (ATK)

Slot 2 Space Spell

  • Jade Ceremonial Robes (ATK)
  • Lab Silver (DEF)

Space Fire Maps Rorse R

Slot 1 Space Spell

  • PE Uniform Rye (DEF)
  • PE uniform hammer (DEF)
  • Outdoor Clothing Leona (BAL)

Slot 2 Space Spell

  • Sports Orthopedic Equipment (BAL)

  • Trey Star Clothing (BAL)

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