Well, the spring season of the anime is actually completed, and therefore the time has come to look back and think about what was shown the most interesting and what did not deserve attention. I’ll clarify in advance that Summertime Render (Summer Time) and Kakkou no iinazuke (Investigated by a cuckoo) are worthy of mentioning the series, but they will continue next season, and therefore are not suitable for selection criteria for this material (end in the spring season). With a lyrical retreat, we finished and move, in fact, to the list.


Spy X Family/Family of the Spy

It’s not entirely correct to enter this series on the list, because the first half of the only season, and not the first season, was completed, but there is still some kind of completion, and the break will last until the fall, and therefore we will make an exception for the Title.

The story of how the professional spy of Loyda Foger managed to get a very important task and subsequently start a family in which his wife will be a hired killer Yor, and an amateur daughter of nuts and a psychic part-time Anya. A quite kind comedy series, which is sometimes diluted with inserts with seriousness or quite expensive action (which is not surprising, because the series draw Clover Works with Wit Studio), and therefore it is definitely worth it. And yes, Anya Wa Pinatsu Ga Suki!

Paripi Koumei!/Your boyfriend Conmin!

Definitely the very musical show of the outgoing season, which is accompanied by simply masterpiece opening, extremely not bad ending and a non-number of good songs inside. Naturally, with the exception of repchina. In any case, watching the series is already only because of music, but the advantages do not end there! Before us is the real Iceechey, in which the brilliant strategist of the time of the three-year-old CONMINA enters modern Japan and uses its skills to promote a singer named Ayko. By the way, she is one of the two best girls of the outgoing season, and this is another plus. Whether or not, you will need, but I will personally look very askance at all those who have refused to view.

Otome Game Sekai Wa Mob Ni Kibishii Sekai Desu/The world of the dark game gesture in relation to mobs

There are no Icereeks a lot! And Iceeca, who make it possible not to look at an imbalanced boot, but for a zander with a capital letter M, which earns its imbalance with hard work and due to knowledge about the world of the game in which the weight of gold has been pleased. Another important feature is that the title knows very well about all the illogicals and a common degree of idiocy inside, but in general this is not shy and ridicules itself. Low bow, gentlemen authors.

The tarry of tar in this series, unfortunately, will become an obviously small budget, which leads to some problems with Sergeant Grafoni, but, frankly, it does not interfere with viewing.

Gaikotsu Kishi-Sama/Knight-Skeleton

What if the lord did not try to pretend that it was some dark fantasy and would not be a beak? I also think that this is impossible, and therefore forget about it.

So, this is also an Isikai, and the main heroes are a skeleton named Ark, who will eventually play the role of a knight on a white horse for everyone and everything in the series. Importance and other charms are attached, but the hero is really funny, and Ariana is my respect. And here is the opening from the well-known proven Pellek. Yes, his voice is very infuriated by many, but in the framework of this opening, all the stars came together, and this is a suit. I do not advise you to listen separately from the video traffic.

Kawaii Dake Janai Shikimori-San/Not only cute Shikimori-san

And here is the series from the second of the two best girls of the outgoing season. And this is not even an outrage. The whole essence of what is happening comes down to the fact that we are shown the daily life of the same Shikimory Mid, her boyfriend named Izumi, as well as their friends. There is no end-to-end plot and the series consist of small arches with different stories, and the main feature of Title is that the viewer with a probability of 99.99% will sit with a smile from ear to ear. Tons of Milota, ubercrutular Shikimory, excellent drawing from professionals from Doga Kobo and good musical accompaniment-main features of Title.

If you suddenly need a cure for depression, then it is in front of you. If you experience acute seizures of envy when viewing and you want because of this even more to underestimate the title assessment on the aggregators, I recommend that you contact a specialist.

Shokei Shoujo No Virgin Road/Inquisitor and its Life Way

Another series, which for one adherent reasons only received an estimate below 7 points on aggregators. And after all, Title offers us a rather unique view of the fantasy world, into which the rebirths fall, but not being an isking from the word at all. The plot here is precisely that the rebirths got everyone and are generally dangerous, and therefore they must be quickly sent to the other world, because crossing back to their world is impossible, and they can get very serious things (not all, but many). At the same time, the level of the picture, in principle, is no different from the conditional Danmachi from the same studio, that is, it will not be very to get to the bottom of the graphics. So what are the problems of the series? No idea.

Kaguya-Sama wa kokurasetai 3/Kaguya-sama wants to hear recognition 3

The third season of the once sensational series about the endless struggle of the two geniuses, which set the main goal of the desire to force the object of their lust to admit the feelings first. I will not give any spoilers, and those who watched the first two seasons are definitely worth plunging into the third. In the future, another anime project for this title also awaits us, but it is not yet clear what format it will be.

Date A Live IV/Randeva with life 4

Perhaps the most unexpected fourth season of all fourth seasons. I could expect anything from Dal, but not that it would be interesting to watch it, and the authors will cut out a random and rather meaningless fan service from Title, with which the first three seasons were abounded. However, the latter is clearly not a plus, and I am not going to build a snob out that will declare the harmful influence of the fan service on the children of aliens from the planet Nibiru. Fanservice is good, especially now, when from all sides we hear about the censorship of sexualized characters. The fact that this is exclusively female characters is always amused, but we will not now about it.

In general, the fourth season came out surprisingly interesting, revealing some issues that remained to who these perfumes are, as well as giving fans as many as 4 episodes, which are filled with Kurumi Tokisaki from above to bottom.

Tomodachi Game/Game of Friends

There is a rule according to which in every season there should be a title related to either the genre of royal battles or to cruel psychological games. Otherwise, the season can be considered a failure. In the outgoing season, such a project was the adaptation of Tomodachi Game, which tells about how the most ordinary schoolchildren for their debts were drawn into strange psychological games.

At first glance, Title reveals the importance of such a thing as friends, but in fact, the main chip of his chip is the main character of Katagiri Yuichi, who is able to get out of almost any situation, due to his cunning.

The sensations of watching Tomodachi Game are close to Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji and, in principle, is able to drag out and interest the viewer so much that he will go to look for an original manga.

shin ikkitousen/True power of a thousand

One of the best Ecchi Taytlov began the zero once again returned to the screens so that all the fans had an overdose fan service. There is a return of old characters, battle and a huge number of pantry-shots and naked female breasts. The only thing that can upset is a small timing. Lovers of the old, stupid and vulgar Ikkitousen will definitely be satisfied.


And that’s all. Yes, I missed the pretty good Yuusha, Yamemasu, and I also deliberately forgot about the new season of the hero of the shield and several other titles. If you think that some titles were unfairly forgotten, then you can always share them in the comments. And I leave for Sim and wish you not to be ill, not to be beech and watch only good anime.