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Log Like Element New Mode “FreeErancer” This spring appeared! “Hitman 3” Launched Multiple Content in the second year

Denmark’s Developer IO INTERACTIVE has announced the second year’s content development of the Stealth Action Hitman 3 on sale currently in Hitman 3-YEAR 2 Reveal Streams

New Mode Elusive Target Arcade appeared on January 20 for Hitman 3

The goal is to raise a one-time mission Elusive Target that produces a sense of tension from the first work of reboot, and to defeat multiple targets one after another without mistakes. If you make a mistake, you will need to wait for 12 hours real. In addition, it is not limited to time, but it can be played constantly, and it is also prepared that phased rewards are also available.

New Log Like Mode Freelancer This spring will appear

From the Mission Hub based in Safe House, the assassination mission of the world’s company is optionally consigned. In the campaign mission that has been redesigned for this mode, unlike existing campaigns, weapons and tools are not permanently present, and if they do not take it back to the safe house. Consumables such as explosives and poisoned syringes also need to be replenished from suppliers. In addition to the mission, the safe house to return is prepared at the safe house, and there is also a customization element, and you can get a glimpse of one end.

PC version All three works correspond to VR from January 20!

From January 20 of January 20, VR support is added to Hitman 3 of PC version. The contents of the first and 2 can be played with VR through Hitman 3. VR unique specifications are also included. As a play pattern, the tweet of senior game designer is introduced again.

Scheduled to replace ray tracing within 2022

Ray tracing that beautifully expresses the landscape with better reflection and shadows of light will be introduced into Hitman 3 within 2022. It is said that the first and 2 content in 3 will be reflected as well. In addition, Intel’s high resolution technology LESS and variable rate shading (VRS) also improve operating performance.

New map CODE-NAME: ROCKY 2022 will be added

Details will be announced later.

Hitman 3 where various play is scheduled to be added in the second year is launched with PC (EPIC GAMES store) / PS4 / PS5 / Nintendo switch (cloud) / Overseas Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. S. Handling in Steam is also started with hitman trilogy.

Reboot triplet pack “Hitman Trilogy” STEAM version Overseas January 20 release decision! For the same day for Xbox / PC Game Pass

Denmark’s Developer IO INTERACTIVE announced that it will release the three-part pack Hitman Trilogy of the Stealth Action on January 20 overseas.

Hitman Trilogy that recorded three part works is released on January 20!

This work has been revealed in the official broadcast Hitman 3-year 2 Reveal Streams of January 13, which conveys the content, content from the second year of the latest work Hitman 3 to date. Thing.

This Hitman Trilogy is a series of reboot versions, World of Assassination, World Of Assassination, Hitman , 2016 Hitman 2 , 2018, Hitman 2 , 2021 Hitman 3 is recorded. The corresponding model is PC (EPIC GAMES store / Steam) / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S.

Also, in the PC version, the handling of Hitman 3 STEAM that was only handled by the EPIC Games store is also started from the same day.

Corresponds from the first day of the release to PC / Xbox Game Pass.

We plan to support Subscribe Service PC / Xbox Game Pass on Subscribe Service PC / Xbox Game Pass for Windows 10 PC (New Appearance) / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. Subscribers can play without additional payments. The domestic Xbox version, which is currently treated with Microsoft Store, is delivered overseas.

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