Talking about the new champions of League of Legends is always synonymous with controversy for the community due to different reasons. On the one hand we have cases such as Aphelia and Zero , which for many left extremely broken and the company did not know how to balance it until long after its departure. On the other, we have the path of the last champions such as Fill , who was a very weak character and barely had an impact on the game in its beginnings.

However, it seems that Riot has found the key after months and even years removing unstable champions, either because it is too weak or powerful. K’Santa seems to finally the great example when it comes to releasing a character , since it has placed the majority of the community through Reddit where they have commented on the good feelings that the Champion in his first weeks of life.

K’Santa is a success and the community celebrates it


Through the Subnet of the game, we have been able to see how satisfied the community is about K’Santa and its departure. The main reason is that it seems that Riot has given on the key when creating entertaining champions for regular players to the tanks. Because yes, the characters that endure all kinds of blows are very good, but most of the time they are so simple to use that people get tired of playing them.

If we talk about statistics, The numbers are not crazy , neither for the one nor the other, and although their win rate is not entirely high, it is fair for people not to be the champion and The players choose it in any Match-up and without care. Because something very important must also be highlighted: players will gradually find the small tricks and combos with the champion, making it much more determining according to confrontations and especially imposing in the competitive field.

The champion has a huge potential and Everything indicates that we will see it a lot for the invoked crack next year , leaving a mark on both individual level and at the competitive level in the most important leagues in the world with very accurate plays And surprising. Where we see the tank take the shooter fighting to fold it in the distance.