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APEX LEGENDS developers I want to make Rankma a professional climbing gate. Approaching solo ranks and casual layers

Apex Legends , whose rank system has been significantly changed in Season 13. It seems that developers have revealed their intentions and future policies. Overseas media THE LOADOUT reports.

In the APEX LEGENDS season 13 Savior, the rank match system has been renewed. As a major change, rank tier has been demoted, and the amount of RP that can be obtained by killing and ranking has been adjusted. The kill RP in a low rank has been revised downward. While there are voices that the skill level is accurately reflected by the introduction of the demoted system, etc., some users are dissatisfied. In particular, criticism seems to be raised in the current situation where players with extreme rank differences, probably because of the problem, match each other.

Under these circumstances, THE LOADOUT interviewed Evan Nikolich, a design director. He talked about the intention of changing the rank match and future coordination in the interview.

The APEX LEGENDS season 13 patch notes announced two policies of the rank system change. There was a policy that so that players play as a team and aim for victory and Get RPs will reflect the skills of the entire player’s whole game accurately. Nikolich seems to think that the first policy is well reflected. Under the new rank system, the team has survived longer, and the play for the end has become even more intense. Probably because the low-ranking kill RP has decreased and the early battle has been avoided.

On the other hand, Nikolich says that there is room for improvement in the player’s rank distribution. It is said that each game skill will be reflected fairly and a more accurate ranking will be performed.

Next, the second policy is to accurately reflect the skills of the entire game on the acquisition RP. Nikolich seems to think that adjustment is insufficient at present. He states that the change system in the new season has improved the previous system, which was able to rank up with a reluctant strategy. However, there is also a problem that high skill players stay in the lower rank for a long time. They will work on improvements so that players will separate them faster according to their skills.

On the other hand, it also mentions the improvement of the rank matches that participate in solo. Previously, SNIP3DOWN Eric Wrona, a former professional player, posted an improvement proposal on SNS. He said that a party consisting of solo and duo is disadvantageous for full parties and should reduce participation RP. Nikolich, who was told about the proposal, stated that such adjustments could have unfair benefits for the team. However, he believes that there is room for improving the solo play game experience. Although the details are not revealed at this time, it is said that there is currently an effort to improve.

Nikolich finally asked about the fluctuation of the basic policy, saying, The rank match has so far shaking between kills and ranking. He received a question and commented that it was the nature of rank mode itself. On the other hand, it is said that past ranked match experience has also solidified. He wants to encourage team play with high skills in rank matches and aim for an environment where rank match is a way to professionals. Eventually, the professional team is aiming for an environment where players can search from players with the highest ranked match. On the other hand, he wants non-high-ranking players to enjoy the rank match. He said he was aiming for adjustments that make him feel strongly growing in his skills.

On the other hand, the details of the Season 13 Split 2 have not yet been disclosed at the time of writing this article. Nikolich said that he could not publish anything until he was completely tested and was convinced that it was possible to implement it. It is to continue discussions and make changes until the last moment. For that reason, he did not reveal his thoughts, even if he said, Some say that the gold knock-down shield should be withdrawn. The feedback from the players and the accumulated data seem to play an important role in development. He was grateful for the passionate player community.


A ranked match of APEX LEGENDS, which is being polished after feedback. The latest update on June 22 the other day, the participation RP was reduced, and the RP was raised in large quilts and a high-ranking kill. Based on the two policies: Team Play aiming for victory and RP system that reflect accurate skills, we will continue to coordinate.

[Information] Meteorologist appears on July 6th! Roaon Summer Summer Update Schedule Disclosure

On June 25, Loaon Summer released various news, including update schedules, improvements, and events for 2022 summer. Prior to the start of the full-fledged start, Kim Sang-bok, Jeon Jae-hak, and Lee Byung-tak were introduced as new leaders to lead Lost Arc. In the existing one-person director system, the company will continue to operate as three leaders (senior team leaders) who are in charge of each field and contents.

Roaon’s updates are divided into updates such as improvement and content. In the case of new contents, the new Legion Raid Raid ‘Iria Khan’ will be added, and the information of the Meteorological Workers, a new job of Elgasia After Story and Special List, has been released.

In addition, various improvements such as the direction of the class balance patch, the reorganization of the MVP system, and the avatar warehouse were continued.

▣ Roaon Summer Update Improvement
◆ All server community

Now it will be possible to make friends with another server adventurer. In addition, it is also possible to visit the expedition of the expedition between other servers, and the status setting function will be able to expose the status such as connection or seating. In order to communicate between the entire server, the company reorganized the method of adding friends between existing characters and characters in expedition, and the expansion of various systems related to this will continue to be expanded.

◆ Tripod Book

There was also a news about the Tripod Impotom IIC. It is expected that the convenience of the skill change will be greatly increased by changing the Tripod directly to the skillbook. However, as the transmission method changes, there will be a difference in the cost of investing before and after the update, and there may be adjustment such as adding or increasing the probability of a separate item that can be confirmed to be confirmed to relieve it to some extent. It was said.

◆ Evergrace’s test

The change of the Guardian System is applied for the probability of story after Elgasia. In the case of the Guardian, which has been before Elga’s story, it will be tied up in the ‘Evergrace’s Test’ category, and the Guardian that appears later will be changed to proceed after the related quest progress.

◆ Class Balance Patch

In the future, the basic balance patch has been revealed. First, the cycle of balance patch is reduced. Instead, the balance patch focused on some classes will be carried out rather than patching all classes. Of course, the basic balance patch said that the balance change for a large class will be made together.

◆ Improvement of the training center

In Tricheon’s training grounds, a system that can be set in various parts such as Tripod level, skill rune, jewelry, and cards will be added to the Trician Training Center. It will be able to use high levels of jewelry that is not held as a change, or use card sets that have not been collected.

◆ Test server improvement

Improvements for test servers for smooth tests continued. The test server-only trinkets and Ability Stones can be used freely and use the options, and will be changed to a simple selection of tripod and jewelry. It is a change that is expected to be able to actively conduct various tests.

◆ MVP system improvement

The MVP system, which was updated in 2019, will be reorganized. The reorganization of the MVP selection method, the additional ‘achievement badge’, and the ‘pose system’ that can take specific poses will be added. Badges can be obtained in special cases such as the last survival, counter performance, and monster attack. Other issues included in the MVP will also be improved, including Abrelswood 6 gate disabling levels, retry, and general monster treatment.

◆ Improvement of the battlefield of proof

The battlefield improvement of proof of PVP content continued. In order to resolve the entry barriers, the convenience function will be added to use the book of the tuning of the top ranker as it is, and the AI practice mode, which can proceed with the battle with AI, will also be added.

◆ Selfie upgrade

The selfie function will add a variety of systems, ranging from screen filter to stickers to attach a variety of stickers. In addition, additional features that can handle the character’s eyes or set various poses and expressions are also added.

◆ World Map Reorganization

The reorganization of the World Map function, which allows you to check the Acrasia continent at once, will be reorganized. Zoomin-Out can easily cross the entire map and sail maps, and in the enlarged state, you can move the map through the drag. In addition, the UI of the guide tooltip on the continent will also be added.

◆ Avatar warehouse

Avatar warehouse system, which is applied by expedition, is added. By default, a 400-spoiled avatar warehouse will be provided, and various filters will be applied to check the presets and sets at once.

◆ beginner adventurer care

As a system improvement for beginners, a system for adventurers who first stepped into Lost Arc is added. Various convenience features will be provided, including the ‘Welcome Challenge’, which can be rewarded by the mission progression, including the basic guide, to the Procyon’s Processing, which corrects the stats of beginner adventurers.

In addition, it will be changed to enable various behaviors such as commissioning engineer and character information window during watching, and the exchange will be changed to check the transaction quantity and quotes for up to 14 days in conjunction with the web.

▣ Loaon Summer Update Contents Additional Matters

◆ Elgasia After Story

The story related to Elgasia’s follow-up story will be updated. In the story, the stories of Lazenis, Ninab, and Kadan, which were liberated, will be unfolded in trilogy, and the update date is June 29 (Wed).

◆ Specialist Meteorological Skills

Information of the meteorological artist designed as a synergy dealer class has been released. In the released video, you can see the use of various skills using the weather to match the name of the profession. The update of the meteorologist is scheduled for Wednesday, July 6th, and the pre-booking of the meteorologist will be held next week.

◆ Expedition’s territory

The expeditionary territory update will be updated several times, and the first update will be changed to allow other server adventurers to visit for the universal universal expedition. to be.

In addition, a new avatar that can be exchanged for jelly cookies will be added, and a housing system that can decorate the mansion will be applied. The housing system is provided with a ‘trophy room’ and is designed to provide a space for displaying trophy from various contents.

◆ New Guardian Sonabel

Lebanos’ deformation Guardian, the seventh stage of the seventh stage, will appear, Sonabel. In the case of Gargadis, it will be released at some intervals after the launch of Sonabel. Basically, as it is released as the first guardian in each stage of the chastity, the difficulty will not be very difficult.

◆ Add difficulty in Calelligos trials

Basically, the Carleligos trials are reversed by the difficulty of Season 1. In addition, the addition and pattern of new skills will be strengthened, and external changes will be made to match the trials. The basic difficulty will be released in similar to the difficulty of Raid Heler, and will be paid as honorary rewards for compensation.

◆ New crush-Elgasia

Elgasia’s crush is also open to the NPC NPC ‘Azakiel’ and ‘Belumate’ and will be updated to achieve 100%of Elgasia’s adventure.

◆ Director of Disease Military-Ilia Khan

New Legion Director Ilia Khan will be released. Ilia Khan consists of three gates, and will suppress the spread of the disease space and will be released as an important raid between the engineering members. Basically, ‘cooperation’ is an important content, but it is designed to be not excessive, and in the case of difficulty, it will be higher than that of the previously released Abyss Dungeon ‘Caryang Gel’.

◆ Moco Bean Island

A new island, a new island with a fairy tale, will be added. Basically, two stories mode and boss mode are added, and in the case of boss mode, it can be composed of three people. Boss mode can be obtained with a certain chance of clearing the island.

◆ Music Goal of Memory

New collection-type content, such as the heart of the island and the great art of art, is added. It is a content that collects the stories of ordinary people in Acrasia and consists of 10 kinds of stories on various topics.

▣ Summer event
◆ Returning Maharaka Festival

The new summer event will be held for the returning Maharaka Festival. Two new summer event games, ‘Run, run! Mococoes and Dukiduki Pang Fang are held, and the ‘Maharaka Happiness Tree’ event, where donations will be made through the fruit of happiness.

◆ Summer New item

In the summer of 2022, various embellished items are available. The summer theme pet, which has gained a lot of popularity, including swimsuit avatar, will also be added. Connipet is acquired through summer events, PC room events, and arc passes.

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