It is difficult to find the best killer TERM RAID than Myrmidon. In addition to the fact that he has divine statistics, very few raid bosses will be able to resist the combinations of electricity and dragon. Myrmidon also has a very interesting ability that allows him to increase his characteristics when he enters the field. Pares with other people who will bring any of the future Paradox Pokémon, Myrmidon can create a deadly combination.

The best techniques for Myrmidon for raid term in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

  • Electric drive
  • Lightning strike
  • Dragon pulse
  • Calm mind

Although it may seem strange to see two electrical attacks in one set, it may be necessary for long-term term raids. Electrodegrav has only 5 points of strength (a maximum of 8 if the players feed it PP UPS). A bulky raid boss Term can eat all these attacks and stay alive, so the thunderer is also located on the set for insurance.

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The ability of Myrmidon, the Aaron engine, creates an electric area when Myrmidon enters the field. This Pokémon also receives an increase in a special attack in Electric Terrain, which means that it will already have a strong advantage in any term raid. However, sometimes raid bosses can abolish all increase in characteristics. A calm mind is useful in such situations, as it can raise the special forces of Miadon back.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to enter Draco Meteor in the assembly of TERM RAID, since the loss of a special attack will take shape in a protracted battle. Therefore, Myrmidon is forced to launch Dragon Pulse. Usually this is not a strong move, so it should be used only in matches where electrical attacks are ineffective.


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