Kimidori Soft (Kimidori Soft) has launched Tako Survival on August 27. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam), and the regular price is 310 yen including tax. A release commemorative sale is currently being held, and you can purchase it for 279 yen including 10 % off until September 3rd.

Octopus Survival is an online multiplayer game that aims to survive with takoyaki nutrition. At the stage of this work, a strange survival was unfolding, competing for how many days you can survive with the ingredients of the takoyaki party, the so-called Taka-Pa ingredients. In this work, the player became one of the survivors and participated in a strange struggle called Taka Pa Survival. By baking takoyaki and eating it, we take three types of nutrients, protein, carbohydrates, and lipids, and aim to survive.

When octopus pa survival starts, we first make takoyaki. Pour the dough on a hot iron plate to put the ingredients, look at the baking condition and rotate it. When the surface is baked, serve on a plate, and use the sauce arbitrarily to complete. In octopus sauce, you eat takoyaki yourself or somebody grilled takoyaki.

Survivors have four types of status, energy, protein, carbohydrate, and lipids, and all status decreases over time. In this work, the energy shows the condition of the energy, and if the energy is full, takoyaki cannot be eaten. When three types of nutrients, protein, carbohydrates, and lipids, die, they eat takoyaki, a well-balanced ingredient, to replenish nutrition. In survival, squat consumption is observed. Movement between meals will divide life and death.

The nutrition that can be taken from takoyaki varies depending on the ingredients. For example, in the case of beef, it is possible to take proteins and lipids firmly instead of high-calorie, but in the case of cucumber, it is a low-calorie but only carbohydrate. There are more than 27 types of ingredients, including the royal road octopus, cheese and sausage that can be well balanced. At first, there are few ingredients that can be used, but each time the maximum survival day is updated, new ingredients are released. After survival, you can earn skill points on the number of survival days. By paying skill points and upgrading skills, you can enhance your basal metabolism/squat efficiency/patience/nutrient absorption efficiency.

As a game mode, in addition to single play, which eats takoyaki quietly and quietly, there are quick matches to play with someone online, and friend matches in the password. Starting in a strange situation, if you aim for a long-term survival, you may need to select the ingredients, which may be surprisingly questionable. In the online multi, of course, you can cooperate and bake takoyaki, but it seems that disturbing some ingredients will be held.

Kimidori software is working on this work. As a past work, we released unusual works from the open world SF forklift adventure Fork Lift Road and the hard action adventure Lost Egg. Tumble Weed Destiny-The Fate of the Wilderness released a while before this work has gained a status very popular with 94 % of Steam’s 234 user reviews.

Taka Purvival is being distributed for PC (Steam) for 310 yen including tax. The period until September 3 can be purchased for 279 yen including tax of 10 % off by the release commemorative sale.