Leave your body in the’real ‘rhythm

Tango Frameworks, which was introduced mainly on horror games such as Evil Widen and Ghost Wire: Tokyo, will be surprised by the new game at ‘2023 Mass & Bethesda Showcase’.
And without any pre-promotion, I made a presentation and the launch.

Considering the history of the developer, the new game is of course easy to think of the horror genre.
It’s as if a Chinese house is a new lunch-oriented menu.
But breaking this expectation, Tango Frameworks introduced ‘High-Pi Rush’, an action rhythm game with a pleasant and bright atmosphere.
When I went to a Chinese house, it felt like sushi came out as a side menu.

Sushi is more delicious than I thought.
It’s more delicious than a Japanese restaurant.
In a week after its launch, it is overwhelmingly positive for more than 5,000 steam evaluations, so it can be seen as clearly captivating the public’s taste.
Where is the charm of the action rhythm game high-Pi Rush that Tango Frameworks thought?

Game Name: High-Pi Rush
Genre: Action Rhythm
Release Date: 2023.01.26
Review: 1.0.0

Developer: Tango Frameworks
Service: Bethesda Soft works
Platform: PC, Xbox
Play: PC


Breaking the walls of the genre, a pleasant rhythm game

It’s a really fun game that you can feel after 5 minutes.
High-pie rush is the same.
The eye-catching cartoon rendering graphics and animations are likely to fall into the game from the start.

In the animation productions that come out every quarter, the worldview setting, the situation of the main character, and the future goals are very naturally melted.
In this process, no boredom or forced setting could be found at all.

The moment the game becomes fun in earnest, the main character’s difference begins with a minor mistake, which starts with the music player.
All kinds of objects in the game moves to the bit of the difference, and the exciting songs are constantly flowing, making the player’s ears entertaining.

In fact, it was a rhythm action game, so when I first introduced it, I was worried before expectation.
Most of the rhythm fusion games that have appeared in the meantime have not been able to show good results.
Except for a few games such as Brace Your Self Games’ Crypt of the Nero Dancer and Sony’s’ Patron ‘, they could not shine because they were blocked by the inherent disadvantages of the rhythm genre.

Fighting, barrage shooting, and rhythm games are often selected as the genre of three deceased game games.
It’s a common question, Can you see that?
Introductory difficulty is very higher than other genres, so it is difficult to enjoy easily unless the talent is followed.
That’s why it’s known as a game that only plays people every time.

The action game also had a high barrier to entry depending on the difficulty, so I thought it would be a poison to be a combination of the two.
But when I actually played the game, these worries disappeared, and I could feel the rhythmic action and different battles with my eyes and ears.

We need to deal with the action more in more detail behind the action and first need to know the rhythm of the high-pie rush.
The rhythm from the body of the difference is the basis of the activity.
However, this does not restrict the difference of the difference.

For example, in the Crypt of the Nero Dancer, the rhythm affects all the operation.
You have to move and attack the character to the set beat.
The gap cannot be acted at all.
If you are faithful to the fundamental rules that you have to ride the rhythm, you can feel frustrated if you are not a rhythm game.
This is the same with Patton.

On the other hand, high-pie rush is a game that aims to differentiate the action game as a skeleton and put a rhythm on it.
Therefore, you do not need to match all actions to the bit.
All movements that move, jump, and hit forward can be done with the player’s free will like a normal action game, regardless of the bits that flow out.
You can play the game even if you can play any rhythm game at all.

The rhythm is responsible for the player set the goal when the player manipulates or battle the character in a particular situation.
When the battle is over in the Devil May Cry, the game will be scored according to the battle performance.
Achieving high scores will only be able to get challenges and privileges and enjoy the sense of accomplishment.

Of course, there is an action that must match the beat.
When you need to activate a specific object, you have to match the beat like a rhythm game.
However, the decision is very behind and there is no need to match the perfect.
In the game’s tips, if it’s hard to beat, it’s okay to get hit, so the basic design itself is made with users who can’t play rhythm games.

Rhythms that you hear with your ears and feel with your eyes

The rhythm game controls the surrounding environment so that you can meet notes at the right timing.
It allows you to focus only on notes in a static situation.
It’s not easy to hit a lot of notes falling at the same time.

Action games, on the other hand, are trying to create a crowded situation as much as possible.
More enemy, diverse patterns, and complex features are placed to continue to pursue change so that the player is not used to it.

High-Pi Rush had to mix the two genres that shows the environment of the pole and the play.
It would have been difficult to have popularity unless the dual difficulties of having to match the notes at the right timing in a crowded battle situation could not be easily and concise.

Tango Frameworks solved it very intuitive and concisely.
The player does not move to the beat, but on the contrary, the beat starts to match the player’s movement.
There is no need to force and move to match the beat in an urgent battle situation.

For example, for example, the first attack that attacks the enemy is the beginning of the rhythm, and if the attack is successful based on this, it is a perfect attack.
Since the start of the rhythm is always set around the player, you do not need to find an attack pattern for the beat.

It is also very intuitive to match the beat after the first blow.
In the busy battles, the view is inevitably narrowed.
It displays a beat guide at the bottom, but it’s not easy to hit it while watching it.

So the attack is designed to fit exactly with a beat.
The moment when the weak attack touches the enemy is one beat, so you can hit the beat with enough beats just by looking at the enemy.

Every time you attack the exact beats, the audience cheers, the sound of the sound, and the note marks on the head of the difference.
Certain objects around are also moving to the beat of the difference, and the enemies are the same, so all the elements in the game can be seen as a device that informs the beat.

This can be said to have designed all the elements so that the player can focus on the beat even in the midst of a crazy battle situation.
This is also the reason why it is felt as a well-made system despite the clear mix of rhythm and action.

It’s fun to put a battle on the rhythm!

I’ve been talking about rhythms, so let’s look at the battle this time.
If the battle is boring as it is an action game, no matter how funny the rhythm is, it would not have received such a good evaluation.

The battle of high-Pi Rush provides a variety of combat methods that can be easily seen in stylish 3D action games such as ground attacks, air attacks, and various combo attacks and paring that connect from the ground to the air.

There are four ways to attack, strong attack, special attack, and colleague calls, and you can mix them properly to complete multiple combos.
The combo should be purchased at the store, and you need to press it according to the input to hit one perfect combo.

At the end of each combo, there is a finishing attack called a bit hit, and it can cause great damage to match the beat at the correct timing.
Of course, this can be solved by battery if it is difficult to meet the exact timing.

Therefore, basic battles must be completed by completing the combo attack and focusing on the enemy’s great damage.
If you are short, you can complete the combo in 5 strokes, even if you are long, so the combo difficulty is not difficult.
However, it is not as easy as you think if you care about this because you have to attack the exact beats for great damage and high scores.

There are also several devices that add variables to the battle.
Fellow calls, special attacks, paring, evasion, and shields and Z shields.
You can think of it as an added system to eliminate the situation that can be a combo-oriented battle.

These systems that add variables will be unlocked little by little as they progress.
The guide was well understood so that the player could learn slowly, and it was not too busy or difficult through the appropriate difficulty curve.
On the contrary, whenever I wanted to get used to it, it appeared new, so I could enjoy the game with a different feeling every time.


On the other hand, when I first battle, I felt difficult because I was not used to it.
I was worried about the beat, but I couldn’t see the enemy attack, or I got a low score.
There are some things that are not good at multitasking and are more difficult because they are baked.

But as I play the game, I start to see a series of flow in the battle.
Eventually, when you realize that the enemies are attacking the rhythm, the battle starts to feel quite easy.

All enemies move to the beat before attacking and signal.
For example, the enemy wielding a knife close to the first beat, holding a second beat and falling down to the third beat.
Before the attack, it is informed by special effects and sounds, making it easier to avoid or paring at the timing.

Of course, as you go to the second half, the enemies are not as easy as it comes out with more patterns and many variables.
Fortunately, you can enjoy a lot of difficulty, so you can enjoy it even if you are not confident in action or rhythm games.
Even though I had only received the beat timing score of less than B due to the difficulty of difficulty, there was no section that felt like the wall of the whole song.

I think high-pie rush is the same game as an excellent Kyobojae that shows how to combine the genre of pole and pole.
The characteristics of the two genres of action and rhythm are well-used, and at the same time, they are considerate of the game without any difficulty playing the game even if they do not play the action.

Bosses full of unique characters and heroes.