A Digilance 2 The Filtration of Primelane Week implied that Doomfist would become the role of tank in the new game, and during the most recent transmission of the developer, this fundamental change was confirmed for the hero. The director of the game, Aaron Keller, and the main designer of Heroes, Geoff Goodman, talked about the change of roles during the transmission and offered a context on why Doomfist is now a tank instead of an offensive, as well as some advances about What kind of movements will the heroes will have. Digilance 2.

About 41 minutes in the developer flow, Goodman confirmed that Doomfist was indeed moving from Offense to Tank. He said that this would make Domfist’s reappleases be one of the greatest in history. Digilance 2 The developers have worked and said that this was not the first time that this kind of thing happened, but that it had been interesting to see the comments of those who had witnessed the new doomfist in action.

“Now it’s a tank,” Goodman said. «It really has been very interesting to receive comments on that because we have not done it often. Technically it is not the first time: Symmetra used to be supported originally, a long time ago. “

Goodman continued saying that Doomfist is “really strong at this time” and provided a context of why change was decided. He said Doomfist already had a lot of crowd control on his kit, and to change it, that would mean modifying a lot from his kit or reducing his control of crowds. However, tanks have soft and hard mass control by default as part of their kits, so the option was there to move Doomfist to the tank role.

Keller offered some additional details about the new Doomfist. He said that the hero was very fast before and with this redesign, he has slowed down while preserving some mobility. Apparently, he also has a leap similar to that he has Winston, according to Keller, although we still do not know how it will work. Doomfist’s damage has also been reduced, so he will not be doing tank things while still distributing the same amount of punishment to his enemies.

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Supervision 2 The beta version is scheduled for April, so be sure to register while you can see the Doomfist redesign as soon as possible.