Telecommunications companies are speeding up the development of interactive AI based on super-artificial intelligence (AI).

According to the industry on the 4th, the three telecommunications companies are making various attempts to increase the use of interactive AI.

The key to how many data is in the interactive AI with machine learning functions. In that sense, telecommunications companies with many telecommunications data have significant strengths.

According to market research firm Market & Market, the global interactive AI market has grown 21.9% per year from $ 48.41 billion in 2020, and in 2025, $ 139.9 billion (about 18.9 billion dollars (about 18) It is expected to reach 100 billion won.


AICC evolved into a super large AI

Telecommunications companies have been using interactive AI mainly at the AI Contact Center (AICC). AICC is a system that optimizes the entire call center based on technology such as voice recognition, voice synthesis, text analysis, and dialogue engine. It has been mainly assisting counselors.

In the past, AICC provided services to young people who are relatively familiar with digital, including their 20s and 40s. However, as the AI develops, it provides a satisfying consultation experience for more generations in recent years.

Three telecommunications companies are trying to upgrade and differentiate existing AICCs. SK Telecom launched AICC service for B2B in June last year with Genesis, a global solution company.

SK Telecom also collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to commercialize its complete pay-as-you-go cloud contact center service.

KT is also preparing a service type AICC (CCAAS) that combines cloud technology. In the past, if you build your own AICC in many companies, it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars, but KT explained that using CCAAS can only be used by paying monthly amounts to reduce the cost burden.

LG Uplus is also upgrading AICC, focusing on small business products. Next month, it is expected to launch a small business AICC ‘AI Shop Manager’.

■ How to use interactive AI that expanded to emotional support

Currently, interactive AI is active in various areas such as AI assistants and care care beyond AICC.

SK Telecom recently commercialized the AI assistant ‘ADD’ service based on GPT-3, a large language model.

ADOD is not just an interactive AI that handles users’ requests. It also recommends a song or podcast in a playlist or registers a personal schedule, and recommends communication products.

SK Telecom will also use interactive AI biz calls for the ‘Open Collabo Class’ emotional support program.

An official of SK Telecom explained, We will use interactive AI to support the psychological and emotional support of young people from mid-this month.

KT uses interactive AI for AI Care Service, which supports the elderly and the disabled. The devices that implement this are AI speaker Gigini and AI robot Dasom.

KT’s AI Care Service has a high recognition rate. Considering that the main user is an elderly person, it is designed to understand and answer the dialect of Gyeongsang-do and Jeolla-do. In addition, the company focused on living assistance services such as dementia prevention games, and urgent rescue contacts.

An official of KT said, In some cases, it may supply Gigini according to the contracts by local government, and there are cases where Dasomi is supplied. All are similar.

We are also using AICC to check the health of the elderly and the disabled.

LG Uplus is upgrading interactive AI based on the first AI ‘Exa1’. Exa1 is equipped with ‘multi-modality’ ability to acquire and handle various information related to human communication such as language, images, and video.

The Customer Center ‘AI Counseling Advisor’ also applied a super large AI. Through this, when there is a lot of waiting for the connection or the consultation time, the consultation reservation is accepted in advance, and the consultation contents are analyzed in real time to create and organize automatic feedback phrases.

In addition, LG Uplus will develop a character Persona-based dialogue ‘AI character friend’ where children can talk like friends.

An official of the industry said, Interactive AI is the best field for carriers with various telecommunications data.